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Monday, 25 May 2015

"More Government Sponsored Murderers"

The US Centers for Disease Control – #1 Enemy of the US People – Does More Harm To US Citizens Than Terrorists – [Including Al Quaeda and ISIS Combined]

[ED: The following article is republished from AL Witney.  It is a sobering thought that the number of US citizens harmed by its own government and agencies, including the CDC, is vastly more substantial than US citizens harmed by terrorist activity.  The US Government and its agencies are the greater threat to US citizens.
A recent article published in the British Medical Journal includes the following
Despite the agency’s disclaimer, the CDC does receive millions of dollars in industry gifts and funding, both directly and indirectly, and several recent CDC actions and recommendations have raised questions about the science it cites, the clinical guidelines it promotes, and the money it is taking.
Jeanne Lenzer, associate editor, The BMJ, USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: protecting the private good? BMJ 15 May 2015 Cite this as: BMJ 2015;350:h2362 ]
The Centers for Disease Control is a rogue institution engaged in the destruction of the health of the American population:-
  1. CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet
  2. CDC partners with big pharma
  3. CDC deceives health practitioners as well as the public
  4. CDC is rife with corruption
  5. CDC orchestrates propaganda campaigns based on non-existent threats
  6. CDC wastes billions of dollars and cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease
  7. CDC hires researchers to create bogus studies
  8. CDC does not protect the population, but promotes whatever agenda those who control the White House [the international banksters] wish advanced
  9. CDC pays public health institutions and even has employees stationed in their state offices
  10. CDC ignores congressional reports and/or hearings
  11. CDC actively discredits/destroys reputable researchers
  12. CDC bilks insurance companies out of billions of dollars by knowingly creating disease through their massive vaccination programs
  13. CDC hires private think-tank corporations to produce phoney ‘consensus’ science reports
  14. CDC promotes the dumping of toxic wastes from the chemical fertilizer industry into public drinking water in the name of ‘fluoridation’ contributing to ill health
  15. CDC has a long and nasty relationship with the CIA
While most physicians and public health workers may be unaware of the depth of the cover-up regarding vaccines, the harm they are causing is incalculable and the damage being inflicted on us and our children is devastating. Since the illnesses or injuries caused by toxic vaccines frequently don’t show up for weeks or even years, the medical industrial complex maintains plausible deniability.
Many good physicians have come forward (like those affiliated with theInternational Medical Council on Vaccination) and exposed the dangers of vaccines as have CDC whistle-blowers. The truth is everywhere. [See:CDC Exposed]
Why would legislators trust any recommendation coming from the CDC?Answer
They wouldn’t . . .  if they were told the truth.
Which organization in this movement is willing to get past the vaccination “choice” argument and help advance the truth i.e. the CDC and their so-called recommendations cannot be trusted AT ALL!
Here is a 40 minute interview with Dr David Lewis, former CDC/EPA employee and author of Science for Sale, blowing the whistle on the CDC, et al:

AL Whitney
Retired Registered Respiratory Therapist Former Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children Spouse of a retired Family Practitioner


  1. Ian, i am writing this to you, as i am also writing it to myself!

    Why on earth can't you just get up, goto work, read the daily papers, enjoy your peas pies mash, and pint of bitter, and just be happy with that?

    Why do you have to believe that we are nothing more than slaves trapped in a system that 'They' created, where they constantly dangle the carrot and move the goalpost, as to maintain our constant prison like existence?

    Why do you have to believe that 'They' only care about money, and think of us as nothing more than tax generating entities, and look to ways to continue to dumb us down like with Junk food; Elecrical smog; Chemtrails; Excessive choice;Flouride;Overwork,So called news;So called facts;Alcohol, cigarettes, football, media;Gm foods, etc, etc...

    Why can't you just shut up and relinquish all responsabilities to your caring sharing Gov and of course local Priest?

    What on earth makes you think that 'They' could possibly be wrong in any way, shape, or form?? ;-)

    1. If, while building a house, a carpenter strikes a nail and it proves faulty by bending, does the carpenter lose faith in all nails and stop building his house?

  2. Mmmm. That's a wierd analogy Ian.

    Nevertheless, i agree with a lot of what you post, ( notice i said i'm writing this to you as i'm also writing this to myself ;-)

    Ooo Wouldn't life just be so much easier to live in the state of comfortable dumbness. To get up, goto work, feast on the daily fail, enjoy a pastie and pint, and think there is nothing more to life than that-Ooo, and of course the JEP!

    But hey, back to reality. If only the illusion was really that nice. Us humans were not born unto this planet to waste our days trapped into a soul destroying life of pathetic pointlessness to make bankers rich, whilst we live in an invisible prison of dumb routine. We are not farm animals, or are we?

    1. It's actually very good common sense for those with the perception to understand it....Farm Animals we certainly are! Here take a look?

    2. Oh!!! Fuck me, there's a surprise, YouTube and/or Google (same corporate entity) have removed the vid. I wonder why??? However, you now know the title of the movie you are looking for online, it's called "Farmaggedon". This vid will prove to you that you are farmed like sheep!!!

  3. Yes Ian.

    I saw a 3 min trailer, and seems like in the States the Gov. wants factory farming, and is out on the attack on the natural farmers who are farming in a healthy natural manner.

    Yup, i resonate with your POV. Seems like they want a robotic society rather than a free and natural one, that's for sure. They say we are oficially free, but in reality that's a lie of words. Every day they remove more freedoms, the Queens speech has recently removed even more.

    The price of living under a dictatorship in disguise. They say we can vote against stuff, but it's all figured into their big game of chess. And they are master players!

    1. The time is nearing for all out lawful and peaceful rebellion by the masses. They are slow killing us and we sit there twiddling our thumbs while they are doing it....Does anybody actually want to live anymore I often wonder?

  4. Does anyone actually see the reality they are living in? I find that most people are brain dead/closed to likes of the above comments :( lol....I would be looked at like a four headed freak if I touched on this stuff at the school gates with the Stepford brigade

  5. Lol, people are engrossed in the organised crime sport, commonly known as 'Football'. Whilst they scream out like a bunch of rabbid childish homo's, screaming names like 'messy', men adoring men, enjoying their peas pies mash, drinking their criminally overpriced pint of bitter, they fail to realise that they've been well and truly screwed over 1/4 of a century by the FIFA fat cats, skimming the cream, making them look like the bunch of dumb asses they really were all!!

    Mind you, shouldn't come a s a surprise, your Gov. has been doing the same ever since they came into power!