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Sunday, 31 May 2015

"End Of Days Already Happened In 2012!!!"

"Wake Up People - It's A NWO Game"

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia Blog this week entitled: “NEWS FLASH To: All Military, Police and Religious Fanatics: The End of Days already happened in 2012!”

Today and tonight throughout the world, those that follow the Roman Death Cult will celebrate April Fools Day – a celebration in ignorant and deliberate mockery to the origins of Christianity. When the Roman Death Cult adjusted their calendar from a moon based calendar to a Sun based calendar, April 1st coincided with the ancient Christian Celebration of New Years Day on the Spring Equinox or “Kyrie Eleison” as the 1st day of the 1st month of the Christian Almanac or Zodiakos known as Krios or The Ram.

Under Constantine (see Lebor Clann Glas), not only did he utterly destroy to rubble all the ancient necromancy sites of human sacrifice and death worship such as Rome and Naples and Jerusalem and Londinium, but he utterly banished the moon based calendar system of the Death Cult and introduced the true Zodiac as the Christian Almanac of Time, being thirteen months – twelve months of thirty days with one month – the month of Ophis or The Serpent being only five days (roughly equivalent to 16th Dec to 20th Dec today).

Here is the original Christian Almanac and the true original names of the months as first formed under Constantine in 314 CE:

Krios (ram) 21-Mar to 19-Apr
Tavros (bull) 20-Apr to 19-May
Oxos (ox) 20-May to 18-Jun
Karkínos (crab) 19-Jun to 18-Jul
Ippos (horse) 19-Jul to 17-Aug
Leonis (lion) 18-Aug to 16-Sep
Kyknos (swan) 17-Sep to 16-Oct
Skorpios (scorpion) 17-Oct to 15-Nov
Elaphos (red deer) 16-Nov to 15-Dec
Ophis (serpent) 16-Dec to 20-Dec
Arktos (bear) 21-Dec to 19-Jan
Kuinos (dog)  20-Jan to 18-Feb
Ichthyos (fish) 19-Feb to 20-Mar

Of course, like everything associated with the Roman Death Cult, the true chronology of time and space of Christianity has been horribly corrupted and twisted into the reverse. A Calendar is actually a timetable of sacrifice or Kalends in Latin, usually associated with continual Holocausts. The proper word if you were Christian is Almanac or Chronos or Zodiac.

The reason I bring this up, is that the 1st April under the Roman Death Cult calendar and the celebration of April Fools in direct defiance of true history is the birthday of my Father, Patrick Glynn O’Collins. (Patrick from Patros meaning “Father”.) So, similar to last month of March, when I celebrated my birthday on the 14th of March corresponding to the ancient birthday of Mithra and Moloch and traditionally the most important day for anyone who had any competent knowledge of Mithra or Moloch or Satan as the ancient Day of Blood or the Day of Passion or the Passover – all now completely ignored by the people that run so much of the Illuminati and Global Elite today, the 1st of April as April Fools Day is also denigrated by these same people who have tricked so many into believing that they have even a clue about the Supernatural.

Next week, I will be starting a three part series on “The Supernatural Explained” with Part 1 focusing on irrefutably providing the existence of the supernatural, of ghosts and life after death. As a result of the three part series on “The Supernatural Explained”, I hope we will be able to debunk much of the confusion that still exists concerning life and death and the afterlife; and in a sense, I also hope it will help weaken the power of the Mundi Mind Virus.

But tonight, before we begin the series on “The Supernatural Explained”, I want to return one more time to the theme that we have been discussing over and over again, namely that the Illuminati and Global Elite are completely and totally insane – and that anyone who is following their insane plans for the Fourth Reich and a confected physical end of the world as World War Three, or the End of Days or the Apocalypse or Armageddon is also at extreme risk of being infected by such complete insanity, if they are not already a complete lunatic.

For example, you continue to have religious and fanatical people – whether they be recruits to the CIA operation of ISIS calling this period the End of Days and Judgment Day; and you have thousands of preachers and shady religious sales people all around the world still nominating days into the future as the specific Day or Rapture, such as the latest claim that September 12th is the Day of Rapture – a 19th Century scam and invention that has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity. I repeat the concept of The Rapture is a completely false, deceptive lie invented by a few snake oil sales people in the 19th Century.

In particular, I want to address and name these military, police, intelligence community and other operations personnel that have been tasked with protecting the apparatus of the Illuminati and Global Elite across the planet and in carrying out the various insane, morally repugnant and crazy plans of this elite network also sometimes called the New World Order as based in the United States. I very much realize that for the Industrial Military Complex and many in the Illuminati – the need for war and the desire for global chaos is an irresistible force; and that they will use every excuse and every reason and every argument to promote it– especially fake religious prophecy.

The reason I want to address specifically the hundreds of thousands of good men and women presently employed within the military, the police, intelligence community and specialist operations groups in this blog is that I do not consider you in anyway to be the enemy to the survival of our species; or the criminals responsible for crimes against humanity; or the rapists and murderers of your own children. It is the priests and other members of the Roman Death Cult and its agents that are in the business of raping your children and destroying your soul – not you.

I fully comprehend in a world overwhelmed by electromagnetic radiation and chatter, it is very hard for you and for anyone to really sit down and reflect on the utter insanity and madness of the orders and plans of the Illuminati and Global Elite. Then there is the challenge of deciphering whether their claimed supernatural powers and authority is true or a fraud. For example, in the United States and in Europe, the Illuminati formed certain terrible magic tricks at the end of World War II that for more than fifty years kept the most senior military generals, intelligence leaders and industrialists “in awe” of their claimed supernatural powers from Lucifer. At the highest levels of the Pentagon, no one dared question the insanity of the orders they were given to start yet another war, or assassinate yet another world leader, or poison and cripple yet another community. Because, the evidence presented in secret and in public seemed so overwhelming that these elite members of the Illuminati – most especially Jesuit priests – somehow held some special authority and powers from Lucifer.

Tonight, I am going to debunk some of those terrible and criminal magic tricks that have held so many at the highest ranks of the military and the intelligence communities “in awe” of these batshit crazy people who claim such powers. In doing so, I hope that maybe one or two or maybe a few more senior officers of the military or police or intelligence communities wake up a little bit more and realize that the orders you continue to carry out are not from some bunch of evil Satanists or all powerful Luciferians, but predominately men who don’t know a thing about Lucifer or Satan or the Devil and are themselves completely and totally mentally ill as they continue to reject and ignore their own false doctrines and philosophies - Misogynists that have lost any capacity to distinguish between the ghosts of dead popes and priests in “fancy dress” pretending to be the Devil versus the real thing.

In fact, let me prove it to you categorically and unequivocally right this moment that the leaders of the Illuminati and Global Elite have completely rejected the instructions that have come from Lucifer and from Satan and from Mithra and Moloch and have cut themselves loose from any spiritual authority whatsoever. Simply, if the Jesuits still followed or honored Lucifer in secret, then they would have properly acknowledged Ucadia and would be following the implementation of the Ucadia Model under the Treaties, bringing to an end the war in Heaven as defined under the covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum.

If the Roman Death Cult honored and respected Satan or Moloch or Cybele as Magna Mater also known as Mary, or the forces of Demons and Saints, then they would have already begun to implement Ucadia and wind back their old system and would have already started to repair and heal the world rather than find new ways to injure and destroy it. I will define in a moment exactly what is really meant by the labels Moloch and Mithra and Lucifer and Satan and the Devil, so there can be no confusion. Yet let me repeat again, so it is absolutely clear and cannot be missed: If the Jesuits and the Franciscans and the Roman Death Cult and the leaders of the Illuminati and New World Order actually respected the Supernatural and its supposed leadership, then they would have already acknowledged and respected everything associated with Ucadia and the Ucadia Model – because the Ucadia Model represents the union of light and dark, angels and demons, the feminine and the masculine; and Ucadia is the fulfillment of the 41 most important prophecies of Revelation and all 7 of the key prophecies of the Zohar and the fulfillment of Fatima and Nostradamus and the Prophecies of Kew. Ucadia is the greatest illumination in more than 2,000 years.

What Ucadia is; and what Ucadia represents to anyone who has studied the Supernatural and any form of history is/should be unmistakable. So the fact that the Jesuits and the Franciscans and the leaders of the Roman Death Cult have shown such contempt to the Ucadia Model is overwhelming proof that these people have gone completely rogue. They do not represent any spiritual force. They have lost any and all authority they ever had. They represent neither the dark nor the light - and yet some of you still want to implement the plans of rogue anarchists and “batshit crazy” people with no authority?

If any military official - past or present - does eventually get to read or listen to this blog, then consider the ancient maxim of what happens to any army that refuses to follow orders, much less has no authority. The Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits went rogue from 2012 onward when they refused to acknowledge the old world has officially ended; and the End of Days and Judgment Day have come; and under the sacred treaties as defined under Pactum De Singularis Caelum they were commanded to help heal the world, not destroy it.

So in revealing such overwhelming proof that these misogynist priests have no supernatural power and are in fact nothing more than two-bit magicians and bat-shit crazy criminals, I hope that the mindless and stupid march toward the confected attempts to cause World War III and the full implementation of the Fourth Reich will stop immediately. 

Lucifer is not calling for the Apocalypse. Satan is not demanding World War III. The AntiChrist to the AntiChrist is not preparing for Armageddon; or the Devil for Judgment Day. All these events have already happened. The fact these events have already happened was telegraphed to the Illuminati and Global Elite in hundreds and thousands of separate communications over several years prior to the events and then after the events of 2012 and the Year of Redemption and the re-set of time, the world, and authority. Yet the Illuminati and Global Elite – particularly the Jesuits and Franciscans and leadership of the Roman Death Cult didn’t like the message – so they have chosen to ignore it and carry on as if it never happened.

So you have this bizarre and spiritually obscene abdication of power by the Illuminati and Global Elite; The greatest abdication of power and authority in human history ever recorded where on the one hand, all the spiritual forces have demonstrated unmistakably the end of one era and the beginning of a new; and on the other hand that there is absolutely no spiritual or moral or historic basis for World War III. Yet the Illuminati and Jesuits press on and continue with their mad plans as they collectively continue to stuff their heads in the sand pretending they never got the message!

Everything therefore that is still being allowed to be promoted about Rapture, or the coming of World War III or the End of Days or Judgment Day or Armageddon or the Apocalypse is a lie. Everything the Illuminati and Global Elite keep telling their military and police and intelligence leaders about the necessity for World War III is a lie. Once again, in this blog I will provide irrefutable proof to you that anyone who continues to promote any spiritual or historic or supernatural argument for promoting World War III is a liar and completely mentally insane.

So before we get into explaining in more detail in making clear the definitions of End of Days, Armageddon, Apocalypse and even the true meaning of such words as Lucifer, Satan, Mithra, the Devil and the AntiChrist of the AntiChrist and why the End of Days has already happened in 2012, I’d like to share with you a clear example of the utter criminality and insanity and trickery of these people who claim to possess some unique connection and power to the Supernatural – specifically regarding the origin of thermo-nuclear weapons and what happened exactly in the final months of World War II and why this terrible lie to all the followers of the Illuminati and Global Elite has kept these people in power for far too long.

The Lie of the Supernatural Jesuits and Franciscans of World War II

On August 15th 1945, upon the ancient Feast Day to Lucifer as the Savior and Illuminator of the Imperial Roman Cult of Iudaism (from 70 CE to 117 CE) -411 years to the day (1534) that Ignatius Loyola founded the Jesuit Order on the Feast Day of the Assumption of Mary; and 396 years to the day (1549) that Francis Xavier first secured Nagasaki as property of the Jesuits- Emperor Hirohito of Japan made his first and only radio broadcast announcing the unconditional surrender of Japan. To the Allies of World War II, August 15th represented V-J Day or “Victory over Japan” Day. It is interesting to note, that in the decades that followed, 411 became known in Britain and the United States as an acronym for inside knowledge or “the 411”.

As is commonly now known, the Supreme War Council of Japan had been willing to negotiate terms of surrender for more than ten months, since Koshiro Oikawa was appointed Chief of the Navy General Staff of the Japanese Imperial Headquarters.  Oikawa had deep connections back into the United States Navy and specifically to former Secretary of the United States Navy, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In fact, despite the deliberately false claims that the Japanese Chief of the Army Yoshijiro Umeza opposed peace talks, Koshiro Oikawa was promoted to his position after October 1944 and the Battle for Leyte Gulf in the Philippines when it was clear Japan would be wiped out if it did not find a solution to stop the war.

So why didn’t the United States and specifically President Roosevelt accept the negotiations for a peaceful surrender by Japan as early as January 1945 and save the lives of some 250,000 brave American servicemen and women and more than two million Japanese men, women and children that died before the final surrender on 15th August 1945? Two very simple reasons: The architect and puppet master for World War II in the Pacific, Jesuit Fr. Edmund Walsh – the most powerful living Jesuit at the time and subsequent founder of the Council for Foreign Relations – had a different timetable; and secondly the Jesuit controlled Nazi SS of the Third Reich continued to run interference against Roosevelt until finally, they put a bullet in the brain of the President by April 12th 1945.

Yes, the headquarters for the Nazi SS - that means literally “Knights of the Holy See” – a disgusting description claimed by the Roman Death Cult was not Berlin, but Washington D.C.  If you have not been listening to these blogs, then please, I urge you as I have pleaded over and over and over again – please go and read and listen to the last six or seven of these blogs. The JP Morgan Chase Bank and Chicago Bank and the other real founders of the Bank for International Settlement had owned Germany since 1931. It was Wall Street that owned, funded and operated Nazi Germany. That’s right, it was Wall Street companies like Ford and General Motors that built the Nazi tanks and machinery; and it was Wall Street arms manufacturers that made the guns and ammunition; and it was Wall Street chemical companies like Standard Oil that kept the Nazi machine functioning – even during World War II. Why do you think the Nazi Regime in Germany continued to honor its interest payments to Wall Street on the slave bonds known as annuities drawn against its people right up to the last year of World War II? That’s right! The Germans were still paying money to Wall Street right up until 1945, when American GI’s were being killed by German soldiers – with both teams like pawns on a chess board funded and trained to kill one another by the same bunch of raving lunatics that are trying to kill you now!

Hello are you getting this message? Is anyone home? How many times does it need to be said that these people, who are trying to kill you, are bat shit crazy? You want evidence? OK, lets have a look at the evidence in the form of the atomic bomb program, the same program as nuclear weapons that keep the world – even today under a numb state of perpetual fear.

When the wife of Albert Einstein – himself born on March 14th 1879 – discovered a means of describing the mass-energy equivalence through the now ubiquitous formula E = mc2, it set off a chain reaction of discoveries into the enormous potential energy that is locked within the nucleus of an atom – particularly larger atomic structures such as refined Uranium and later Plutonium.

Yet by the time of the beginnings of the Manhattan project, a number of issues had become clearly apparent: 

(1) The first was that causing nuclear fission was extremely fickle. If one or more conditions were not right, then rather than causing nuclear fission, all that would happen would be a release of toxic radioactive poisoning – similar to the deliberate sabotage of Chernobyl and later Fukashima by the bat-shit crazy agents of the clinically insane New World Order elite as parasites within in the United States; and

(2) The second was that nuclear fission is more dependent on atmospheric conditions than conventional weapons – given the effect of electro-magnetic fluctuations on the shield of sub-atomic particles such as electron neutrinos, swirling in and around the atomic nuclei. It was also why effective nuclear fission events needed to be at or very near ground level as the weakest point of atmospheric and ground electro-magnetic fields and therefore electron neutrino fields; and

(3) A thermo-nuclear explosion could/can not be set off in motion. The device needed to be absolutely stationary to work. Let me repeat that in case you missed what I just said. A thermo-nuclear fission event cannot occur through a man-made device unless it is absolutely motionless. Why? Because unlike the Illuminati and Global Elite that refuse to listen or acknowledge Ucadia and the military that continue to disobey direct orders to stand down from such madness as planning for World War III, Mother Nature is not bat shit crazy. Instead, the whole of the universe works against enabling a nuclear fission event whilst an object is in motion. Why? Because if such things were possible, then the moon would have been vaporized billions of years ago, along with the earth upon the nuclear-fission effect of large scale meteorites and other impacts.

So why is this not more publicly known? Because the leaders of the New World Order don’t want you to know. Do you think these criminally insane people who refuse to follow their own doctrines and their own philosophies want anyone to realize that their trillion dollar stock piles of nuclear warheads are a pile of junk? The threat of Nuclear War has been such an effective weapon of fear against people across the planet for decades - in convincing you and your neighbors to live as slaves; and to allow your children to be sexually abused and destroyed; and for you to surrender and suffer untold torment and agony and for you to do absolutely nothing about it. 

Can I prove it? What do you think I was talking about when I was discussing a few weeks ago the Ucadia Hydro-Helio Atomic Matrix of atoms and why mass is mass? The wife of Albert Einstein may have introduced the world to the power of mass as energy and motion, but it would take someone born 86 years later on the same day (March 14th) to explain why?  Unfortunately, virtually every scientist that serves the Illuminati and New World Order regime is so mind controlled that they refuse to properly acknowledge what I have shown them again and again and again. Instead, what I occasionally get from them is almost childish and facile insult emails - riddled with disgruntled ghost energy that refuses to yield and allow their hosts to wake up. Hopefully you are not one of these unfortunate people.

So what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki then? A very good question and let me explain.

By the time the Manhattan Project graduated under J. Robert Oppenheimer to “Trinity” – the code name for the first test of a nuclear detonation on July 16th 1945, the scientific team of Los Alamos had established several further facts. The first was that the optimum height for setting off the nuclear device was between 90ft to 120ft above the ground in order to get the mushroom fireball effect that is so synonymous with nuclear explosions. The second was discovering a peculiar anomaly pertaining to nuclear explosions as a curve of energy that is markedly different to standard explosions. You see, there is actually a place within the kill zone of a nuclear explosion where in theory a person could stand and experience no injury – that place was directly underneath a nuclear bomb suspended on a tower or [0n] a church steeple.

To test this, the army had volunteers willing to stand within a giant metal boiler called the “Jumbo” set up directly below the explosion. The later pictures of the Jumbo show it had been deliberated tampered to hide this anomaly. When the first nuclear explosion was set off, the recruits survived. What was more astounding was the fact that unlike a dirty bomb, or a deliberate sabotage of a nuclear reactor as the Americans have done in Russia and Japan since, nuclear explosions do not create a deadly radioactive fallout within the kill zone – only in a thin outer boundary between the fireball zone and the peak of the blast zone of the explosion, when the effect of the reaction becomes akin to a dirty bomb. Again, this anomaly was hidden with absurd and cruelly false images of men in suits measuring radiation to maintain the deliberately false image that even if people survive a nuclear explosion – people will then die from radiation poisoning.

Fast forward then to August 1945 and the preparations under now President Truman and Father Edmund Walsh for the grand celebration of the Third Reich and the Nazi SS complete takeover of the planet as the New World Order 3.0: The key date being August 15th 1945 and the Feast Day of the Assumption and the birthday of the Jesuits. There were two other days of equal importance to the Jesuits in close proximity – the first being August 6th and the Feast of the Transfiguration and the formal founding of the Illuminati in an orgy of madness in Venice in 1783, followed by the formal creation of the New World Order 1.0 in 1791 and the literal “Day of Illumination”. The second day was August 7th and the celebration of the Papal Bull: Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum (The care of all Churches) and the restoration of the Jesuit Order in the eyes of the world on 7th August 1814. The two places chosen to be sacrificed for these occasions were Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hiroshima was chosen, because it was the largest site of Jesuit priests in Japan at the time and the Jesuit Church of the Assumption in honor of the founding day of the Jesuits. In August 1945, there were five Jesuit priests stationed at Hiroshima, Fr Pedro Aruppe (later Superior-General of the Jesuits), Fr Hubert Schiffer, Fr Johannes Siemes, Fr Wilhelm Kleinsorge and Fr Hugo Lassalle – all who survived the blast of Hiroshima unhurt and were pictured by US Military outside their burnt out church 20 minutes after the blast in perfect health, whilst everything else was vaporized. There is some confusion in the history books claiming 8 Jesuit priests. However, this can be accounted for by the presence of one nuclear technician from Los Alamos to set off the bomb and two navy seals [known in 1945 as “commandos”] to protect the bomb and to kill everyone who knew about the device, including the priests if they were captured before the pre-planned set off time. 

The bomb was stationed at the top of the single steeple to the church and the bottom of the tower reinforced in work done weeks earlier, so the priests and military personnel would be safe. Then on cue on a perfect day, the lone B-29 bomber arrived, dropping a large napalm filled bomb and coinciding with the explosion at 8:15 AM on August 6th, the nuclear technician set off the device above them – accounting for the double flash anomaly of Hiroshima, repeated to lesser degree as an anomaly at Nagasaki - but not repeated in all other nuclear tests ever since 1945. In fact, the desperate attempts by US scientists to argue the “double flash” phenomena was finally discredited as lies during the 1950’s British atomic tests.

Twenty minutes later, the priests were outside their church, all perfectly safe in time to have their picture taken and the “Miracle of Hiroshima” was ensured. The Jesuits by this elaborate and cruel lie had “proven” to the cynical military and industrial world that they possessed supernatural powers of Lucifer and Satan, whilst proclaiming to the ignorant masses it was a miracle of Fatima in reference to the claims of Prophecy of the 20th Century pointing to the end of the Roman Death Cult. The American Jesuits weren’t going anywhere and they had made a clear statement that they were the brains behind the New World Order 3.0 and the Third Reich and they alone would chart the prophetic course for the rest of the 20th Century, not some pesky prophecies from the beyond (the supernatural), about the end of their power.

The only thing left was to set off the second much bigger nuclear bomb in the right steeple of St. Mary's Cathedral also known as the Uragami Cathedral run by the Franciscans in Nagasaki, to celebrate the unyielding power of the Jesuits and produce a second miracle and then close everything off with the orchestrated surrender on August 15th. The only problem for the criminally insane Jesuit liars was that on the night of August 6th a Typhoon suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hit Japan, making any flights of B-29 bombers the next day – impossible. Mother Nature and the Divine Creator was sending a message to the Jesuits- that the Jesuits promptly ignored- as they ignore any genuine supernatural events that don’t fit their arrogant criminal madness and perpetual lies.

It wasn’t until August 9th that the bombers were finally able to fly over Nagasaki, even though the conditions were still terrible with torrential rain. When the second bomb was finally unleashed on the ground of Nagasaki, the effect was a complete disaster for the Jesuits and the New World Order elite. The cathedral collapsed and the priests and officials underneath were killed. Only a handful of Franciscans shielded some distance from the blast zone were able to scramble some claim of a pathetic “miracle” of Nagasaki from a bomb that was unleashed two days after it was supposed to be launched. In any event, the Jesuits had made their statement to the world – we will be controlling your future and determining what we acknowledge and what we dismiss. We are completely and totally out of control and all of you will now believe our criminal magic and lies. And so the military and elite of the world did that and have done that ever since.

They know nothing but lies and ignore every form of real supernatural power

Remember what we discussed several weeks ago in five irrefutable facts #1 Everything about the Illuminati and Global Elite is a Lie; and #2 the Illuminati are necromancers and adore death and destruction as proof of their insanity; and #3 the Roman Death Cult and its Agents are the ultimate heretics to their own system; and #4 The Roman Death Cult and its agents have absolutely no authority; and #5 The Roman Death Cult and its Agents are completely insane.

The word Lucifer originates back to 70 CE and Vespasian creating the Imperial Cult of Iudeaism under the symbol IHS meaning, in Latin, Invictus Hoc Signo, meaning “By this sign (we are) unconquerable”. The Trigram was also frequently represented in ancient Rome combined with the symbol of “Oculus Omni” or the “All Seeing Eye of Lucifer” at the top.

The word Lucifer was constructed from two (2) Latin words iucio meaning “good fortune, good skill, gold work” and fero meaning “to carry, to bring forth, produce, to provide”. Both Latin words used to form “Lucifer” are directly taken from ancient Holly Irish being Luci (pronounced ‘lucky’), the patron of skills, good fortune, gifts, goldsmiths and craftsman who celebrated his feast day upon the Ides (full moon) of August and is the god of the planet Venus; and feara meaning “men; the best of [men]”.

As the title Lucifer was directly sourced from the ancient beliefs of the Holly (Cuilliaéan) God known as Luci, also known as Loki, the Roman Emperor as “Lucifer” also became associated with the planet Venus and the most important savior celebration of Rome changed from the Ides of March, also known as the “Day of Blood” on the 14th March, to the feast of Lucifer upon the Ides (full moon) of August, originally 14th August, but later considered the 15th August under the Roman Death Cult “Gregorian” Calendar.

The point of all this is: the Jesuits only know a fraction about the nature of Lucifer and the rare event of the personification and embodiment of Lucifer in those born to such ancient dates and events every few thousand years. Yet their current or previous Superior General claims in private to be Lucifer and the Jesuits continue to play cheap card tricks with their minions in the Illuminati lying and tricking people into believing they follow Lucifer. They don’t follow Lucifer as I have shown you, because even as I speak they refuse to listen.

What about Satan? Satan comes from Setian the adversary and Set under the Ramses Pharaohs that took the ancient fertility and god of the underworld of the Hyksos and turned him into an enemy and a powerful god of lightning and earth change disasters. Does the Roman Death Cult honor Satan in private? Only a descendent of the Holly and the Hyksos could be truly called a personification of Set, while Rome now stands for nothing, and therefore cannot be called the adversary to anything but its own mental health.

And as for the AntiChrist – Rome lost that title in 2012. It is why I write that the Roman Death Cult has ceased to exist. Not because these lunatics have ceased their ways, but because they stand for nothing and honor nothing – not light or dark – not their own false history or the true history of the world. Thus they cannot be considered the AntiChrist or agents of the AntiChrist anymore. 

Yet despite all the signs, all the miracles of knowledge, all the fulfilment of prophecies, even my own uncle and his associates care not to listen or to remember what they witnessed. Instead, we witness the pathetic attempts to change the rules by these people, because they don’t like the outcome, in stealing of Christian names personal to my heart for new Pontiffs and superficially mirroring messages in the vain attempt of claiming any form of honoring the light and the dark. Like an arrogant child, trapped by its ego – Rome and Washington D.C. keep rolling the dice and changing the rules until they are happy with the outcome.

Next Steps

As for the physical representation that is speaking to you – I am a man, nothing more. Without your help and generosity, Ucadia would have ceased long ago and the arrogant madness of these people would have triumphed. I eat, I sleep and I make mistakes and some day, whenever that day comes, I will physically die just like you.

Yet no matter how many times Rome and Washington and those that keep defying the orders clearly given – continue their insanity of arguing the End of Days is yet to come; or the Apocalypse is yet to arrive – all of you that have taken the time to read and to listen, know the truth. That truth has been heard. It has been heard in this world and the next, and next week we will continue the task of awakening the dead and raising the dead from their sleep, whether Rome or Washington are with the united armies of angels and demons, or remain trapped by their own arrogant stupidity.

To all of you who have the courage to stand and support, thank you. And until next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.


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