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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

"What Kind Of Imbeciles Do 'THEY' Take Us For?"

"Everything Here Is Conjecture Except For The Last 9 Minutes Of The Video"

A Trip Into The World Of The Globalist NWO Psychopath's Agenda....

Please interpret this video as your heart and soul tell's you, but let your consciousness decide the last 9 minutes of it for the number 9 is the most important number in the Universe.

"In Lak'ech"

"I Am You"

Literally, we are all one, we are connected.

"Seek always Peace. Wear no path for the footsteps of others unless the soul is endangered. We are linked by our souls. To endanger one, endangers all, but when one is endangered, then the soul must become the warrior."
Shaolin Proverb

We Are All One And Our Reality Is An Illusion. 

Life has imprisoned each and every one of us. We are slaves to clocks and calendars. We are all so wrapped up in our own lives and our own problems. We tend to separate ourselves thinking that no one else can really understand. But this is all an illusion, a lie to keep us from the truth... that we are all one, and that if we the people ever wake up to this fact then we would have the power to reshape the world and our reality.

It's time to wake up!

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