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Sunday, 12 April 2015

"MSM Deadly Secret Of California Wine"

"Scientific Study Will Blow Your Mind"


  1. Interesting, but also possibly misleading.

    I say interesting, because this is further proof that we are being mind controlled by the good old Gov, and related institutions. Then again, it's nothing new. Tell-lie vision, the filthy rags, 'puppetted' politicians, so called 'news', so called 'religions' that trademark God, poorly paid workhouses, etc,etc,etc.

    But i also say 'misleading', because although an injected vaccine poses a higher risk than orally ingested wine, we must remember that it is only 1 vaccine, where as huge amounts of delicious wine may be consumed over a year, relative to that. It's the same with Tuna fish. It also can be contaminated with mercury, and that isn't an issue if you only eat it once a week or month, but if you eat 2-3 tins of it daily you could fins yourself exhibiting some symptoms of mercury poisoning after some time, since it can accumulate in the body.

    Finally, it could be said that this man is making this point to 'plug', his business. He may have a good point about the politicized way the Gov dictate to us what is good and what is bad, reminding us that only the Scientific fact should be relied on, etc.

    1. "Interesting, but also possibly misleading."

      Well done anon....QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!

      I have done a little research into Mike Adams, his friends and cohorts are some of the most honourable people in medicine today, the most prolific being the revered Dr Russell Blaylock who's posts feature heavily on my blog. Also, Dr Rima Laibow of The Natural Solutions Foundation also posted a podcast a couple of weeks ago in conjunction with vaccines, and of which she is an expert. She told the world how many vaccines had been approved after being certified by the FDA and the CDC as "SAFE" and "PROVEN TO WORK" and the answer to both was "ZERO"...."EVER"!!!

      Hope this helps ;)

    2. Last week we heard how forced vaccination was coming to Mexico, and now Australia under the mentally deranged psychopath Tony Abbott. Ask why the NWO are pushing vaccines everywhere in the world? What new additive is in them that they are not telling us about? Check out the Black Gold Project....