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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

"Jade Helm 15 And The Depopulation Agenda"

"You Can Run But You Can't Hide"

Did you know that according to Daniel Freeman’s study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that paranoid thoughts are common among normally functioning people? In fact, the study concluded that some dose of paranoia is actually quite adaptive and can serve to keep us safe from danger. What is about to be presented in this article should make one paranoid for when one considers why governments in the West, particularly in the United States, spend billions of dollars to spy on our actions, words, Internet browsing habits, places visited and even our thoughts, we should all be looking under our beds as the NSA is compiling a threat matrix score for every American. Will you be “red-listed” and is this a part of Jade Helm 15?

End Game: NWO Prepares for 240 Million Dead Americans Within 10 Years

As each new day brings us one day closer to complete economic collapse in America as the dollar loses its' status as the world's reserve currency, we see new red flags flying everywhere (such as the DHS purchase of bulk riot control gear!) each morning we read the latest news. With Jade Helm 15 now huge news, we've decided it's an important time to revisit the website which shows a population reduction of more than 240 million Americans by the year 2025, less than 10 years from now, and ask the questions that need to be asked: why would think that the population of the US in 2025 will be reduced by 240+ million Americans and how will the NWO go about accomplishing a magic trick like that?

While we expect nwo and govt shills and trolls to immediately pounce on this story with comments such as 'why should we trust Deagel' and 'they don't know anything' and 'the govt is here to protect us', it's wise to remember who gets their numbers from and WHO exactly they are tied to. Would Deagel's source groups below know anything about the US population being ONLY 69 million people in 10 years? After visiting Deagel's full directory of source organizations, we dare you to tell us that Deagel is simply 'out of touch'. 

Think Jade Helm's Bad? Wait Till You Hear About This Police Force Made on the Heels of JadeHelm

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