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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

"Germanwings Crash - What Really Happened?"

"Still No Footage Of The Crash Site!!!"

As horrific and sad as this awful episode is, something is just not right!!!

Witnesses on the ground say they heard a bang and saw smoke whilst the plane was in the air?

Obama comes out immediately stating this is not an act of terrorism when he cannot possibly know this for sure so early after the crash?

There is debris scattered everywhere as there would be if the plane had blown up in mid air yet reports state that all the debris was within a 200 yard area?

Why were they having so much trouble locating the bodies?

Where is the trough/crater where the plane impacted the ground?

Where are the wings and fuselage?

Why no footage or pictures of the impact site?

Why no scorched area in or around the alleged crash site?

Why no video or pictures of billowing smoke?

Why are none of the remains of the plane burnt or scorched?

They can't find any of the above yet they managed to locate a mobile sim card with video evidence on it of events inside the plane before impact?

I'm sorry guys but this is all so wrong!!!

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