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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"The World Is Sick Of Obama And The Globalists"

"They Will Be Happy When We Are All Dead"

Some well known facts that most sleeping sheep don't know

Rejecting what they see as interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs, over five million people across the country have signed a petition demanding that the US president repeals his executive order that declared Caracas an extraordinary security threat.

“We have collected more than 5 million signatures and we want to call on the Venezuelan people to keep on going to reach 10 million,” Jorge Rodriguez, mayor of Caracas and coordinator of the initiative told Venezolana de Television.

For the past week plazas, government offices and buildings opened their doors seeking to collect some 10 million signatures against Washington’s policy towards the Latin American country.

“Our intention is to deliver the collected signatures to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, as clear evidence that the people of Venezuela reject the crude interference in our internal affairs,” Rodriguez added.

"Obey Thy Founding Fathers"

"Gerald Celente Gets It Right"

David asks Gerald for solutions to the current failures in the US, “Obey thy founding fathers” end foreign entanglements, get rid of cheap immigrant labor that drives down quality of life for all. End foreign aide and stop spending so much on blowing up other places and rebuild the infrastructure in the US. 2nd Level the playing field and stop the ease at which big biz wipes out small business.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

"America - The Land Of The Free?"

"Americans Being Forced Into Everything - Vaccinations, Voting And FEMA Camps!!!"

"Forced Vaccination"

During the National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s (NVAC) February meeting, American adults were put on notice by Big Brother that non-compliance with federal vaccine recommendations will not be tolerated. Public health officials have unveiled a new plan to launch a massive nationwide vaccination promotion campaign involving private business and non-profit organizations to pressure all adults to comply with the adult vaccination schedule approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

"Forced Voting"

President Obama Calls for Mandatory Voting Law to Force Americans to Vote, Also Known as Compulsory Voting.

"Forced FEMA Detention"
Retired Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs breaks down the current crop of talking points and outright lies by the Pentagon and Main Stream Media as they attempt to discredit and smear They label Alex Jones and Joe Biggs as extremist conspiracy theorists even though time after time we put out reports that are sourced with army documents and testimony from vets that know of the plans to disarm Americans.


A must see link below that breaks it all down

Below Is A New Video Just Uploaded, Have They Already Begun Jade Helm 15???

Saturday, 28 March 2015

"American Look Out For Obama's (HR 1147)"

"Your Enslavement On A Card"

After largely failing to prod state governments into developing a national identification system known as “REAL ID,” Republican lawmakers in Congress are once again pushing an Obama-backed scheme that would force every American to have a national ID card containing sensitive biometric data. The controversial plan, embedded in an immigration-enforcement bill, has been in the works for years, but has consistently been met with stiff opposition from liberty-minded grassroots organizations and activists. While the plan has failed in previous Congresses thanks to a groundswell of opposition, critics of the measure say that without prompt action, the unconstitutional scheme could soon become a reality.

The legislation, officially dubbed the “Legal Workforce Act” (H.R. 1147), is ostensibly aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from obtaining jobs in the United States. Among the most troubling elements highlighted by critics, though, is that the bill would purport to mandate a national ID card for every American as a condition of working. It would also force every employer in America to purchase and use so-called “E-Verify technology” to check with Washington, D.C., as to whether potential employees have government permission to work. Finally, it would create a massive federal database containing sensitive data on virtually every person in the country — a database that could easily be expanded to include even more information.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

"Has The Pole Shift Begun?"

"WTF Is Happening On This Planet?"

10,000 baby sea lions dead on one California island — Experts: “It’s getting crazy… This is a crisis… Never seen anything like it… Very difficult to see so much death” — TV: “Numbers skyrocketing at alarming rates” — “Woman is burying the rotting mammals” after digging graves at beach.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

"Statement on WHO’s Findings that Monsanto’s Glyphosate Is ‘Probably Carcinogenic’...."

"Probably Causes Cancer?"

FINLAND, Minn.—A new report published today in the journal Lancet Oncology says Monsanto’s Roundup is a “probable carcinogen.”
The report originated from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the France-based cancer research arm of the World Health Organization (WHO).
The Organic Consumers Association issued the following statement by Ronnie Cummins, international director.
“This latest finding, which links Monsanto’s Roundup to non-Hodgkins lymphoma and lung cancer is not the first to make these links, but it is one of the strongest indictments of glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup.
Monsanto has already rushed to attack this science, as they have attacked every credible independent scientist in the past. At what point will U.S. regulators start believing the scientists, instead of pandering to Monsanto?
Glyphosate is up for review this year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Now is the time for the EPA to take action and once and for all ban this dangerous chemical that is making people sick, and polluting our environment.
The OCA calls on the U.S. EPA to do its job: Ban glyphosate now."
Roundup is the number one herbicide used in the world. The U.S. Department of Agriculture does not test foods for glyphosate residues because it says it’s “too expensive.”
In 2013, the EPA recently raised the allowed limits of glyphosate residue on fruits and vegetables.
The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The Organic Consumers Fund is a 501(c)4 allied organization of the Organic Consumers Association, focused on grassroots lobbying and legislative action.

Monday, 23 March 2015

"Obama Idiots - Clap If Your Happy!!!"

"He Who Conquers Himself Is The Greatest Warrior"

"A man truly himself enriches his own interests, [and] makes a virtue of poverty. He goes his way without depending on others...yet is not arrogant that he needs no one. True virtue remains unknown. The greatest man is...nobody."

What We Need

What We Don't Need

What We Must Reclaim

Saturday, 21 March 2015

"If You Love Your Children Then.....PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!!!"

"The Vaccine And Cancer Fraud"

First up, Dr Rima E Laibow MD head of the Natural Solutions Foundation hits us with another jaw-dropping podcast wherein an Australian man is arrested for giving his young daughter hemp oil to get rid of her (neuro blastoma) cancer.

Whilst this loving father was being arrested, and possibly facing many years in jail, doctors stopped her hemp oil treatment and now she is critical. Ironically, the doctors were stunned at how well she was responding to the hemp oil before they "legally" prevented her father from continuing this life saving remedy!!!

Also in this podcast Dr Rima explains the connection between vaccinations, cancer, immune system malfunction and what you need to know as a parent to stop this slaughter of children.

Next up is a set of 11 documentaries entitled "The Truth About Cancer" which I know from my own three years of research, ridicule, and utter frustration will wake you up to the myth that cancer is incurable.

Below is the trailer, below that is a run down of all the 11 episodes followed by a link to the Youtube channel, the source where I found the info, and the website.

Below those is my own personal favourite know as the "Suppa Duppa" or rather, The Beck Protocol, which gets rid of everything from cancer and AIDS to the common cold.

Why do modern medical doctors readily prescribe drugs to treat symptoms rather than finding the cause of disease and eliminating it? Why does your medical doctor most likely know next to nothing about nutrition? In order to understand the current state of affairs of medical practice in the USA, it’s vital to understand exactly how we got here. In episode 1, we’re going to jump into the time capsule and go all the way back over 100 years to the turn of the 20th century. The first step to preventing and curing cancer is understanding exactly what it is, how it forms, and what is currently offered by most mainstream doctors as treatments. Episode 1 will lay the foundation as to why cancer has reached epic proportions worldwide and why the current treatment model (chemo, radiation, surgery) just isn’t working. You’ll learn “in plain English” the truth about cancer so that you can fight and win the battle.

What is your immune system? How strong is your immune system? Why is it called our “first line of defense”? And why do many oncologists believe that cancer cannot exist in a body whose immune system is functioning properly? When most of us think about our immune system or having a weak immune system, we generally just relate it to getting sick, catching a cold or getting the flu. In this episode you’ll learn just how important your immune system is for fighting, destroying, and of course preventing the development of cancer and many other diseases. You’ll not only learn how to build your immune system back up, but also what causes it to break down and what you can do about it.

Never before in human history have we been exposed to such high levels of toxins.  There has been an explosion in the number of studies showing the effects of these environmental chemicals on human health. Thankfully more and more people are aware of the risks and causes of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), but did you know that there are a lot of everyday items that are chemically destroying your body and your immune system? And what about vaccines? Do they really promote immunity and help protect from disease? Have vaccines been linked to cancer? And what about aspartame? Is it really a harmless zero-calorie sweetener, or should you avoid it like the plague? What about heavy metals and xenoestrogens? In this episode you’ll learn what chemicals, elements, and heavy metals are detrimental to your body. You’ll also learn how to identify and remove them from your life.

We live in a much more toxic world than we did 100 years ago. There are estimated to be approximately 100,000 chemicals now in commerce, 30,000 of which are in common use and only 3,500 of which have been safely tested. Throughout our daily life we are in constant contact with environmental toxins. Detoxification is simply normalizing the body’s ability to process and excrete toxins and chemicals. And while many of us have heard the numerous benefits to detoxing our bodies, there is an exact science to it, especially when it comes to treating cancer. Not only will you learn the best detox methods and why safely detoxifying your body is so crucial to keeping you cancer free, but you’ll also learn specific step-by-step instructions on how to detox properly and specifically for cancer treatment.

For thousands of years, humans have used the plant life around them to help cure their ailments. If you walk into the woods, you will be hard pressed to find anything that’s not medicine. In this episode, you’ll learn about how natural food really can be your medicine. You’ll learn which foods to avoid and which ones to eat. We’ll learn about vitamin and mineral deficiencies and how to properly correct them with foods and herbs. And we’ll also learn about which types of sugar feed cancer and which types don’t.

Today, Americans are bombarded with information about “healthy eating,” but we suffer from higher rates of obesity and cancer than ever before. As a nation, we are increasingly eating more processed foods. Our supermarkets are full of convenient packaged foods that appeal to our taste buds, but compromise our nutrition. In this episode will demonstrate why even a five year old understands the age-old axiom, “You are what you eat” as well as provide specific strategies to prevent and even treat cancer using food, nutrition, and supplementation.

What if the popular diagnostic tests for cancer, such as mammograms and the PSA test, were ineffective (at best) and actually caused cancer (at worst)? If that question caught your attention, you will definitely want to tune in to episode 7 as we learn that mammograms may not offer the life-saving benefits many women may hope for. In this episode, we will also begin our journey to learn about proven cancer treatment protocols. We’ll learn from Dr. Tony Jimenez, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Dr. Murray Susser, Dr. Lee Cowden, and Dr. Keith Scott Mumby, just to name a few.

In this episode, we will continue our journey to learn about proven cancer treatment protocols. We’ll learn from trailblazing physicians like Dr. Nick Gonzalez, Dr. Francisco Contreras, and Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. We will also learn the story of suppression of a totally non-toxic cancer treatment from documentary filmmaker and historian, G. Edward Griffin.

In this episode, we will continue our journey to learn about proven cancer treatment protocols. We’ll learn from Dr. Sunil Pai, Dr. James Forsythe, Dr. Bradford Weeks, R. Webster Kehr, Burton Goldberg, Dr. Ben Johnson, Dr. Daniel Nuzum, and Bob Wright.

Ever wonder what your doctor would do if he/she were diagnosed with breast cancer or colon cancer? Well in this episode, the doctors share exactly what they would do if diagnosed with different kinds of cancer. Plus you’re going to hear from doctors who have actually been diagnosed and exactly what they did to cure themselves.” You’ll learn the most cutting edge treatments that are working for others right now. Listen as you hear doctor after doctor share their methods for successfully treating cancer.

How did they survive? What did they do? Learn first-hand from survivors, ordinary people just like you, that beat the odds. In this episode, you’ll hear from others who’ve fought and won the battle – and exactly how they did it. This is going to be a powerful, inspirational, and extremely educational show that you won’t want to miss.

YouTube Channel link

Story Source link

Truth About Cancer website link

Sadly, they don't appear to have discovered the existence of the "Suppa Duppa" machine that I just happen to own two of  :)

So for those who want to know about the "Suppa Duppa" machine, the link to
"The Beck Protocol"
is below.

Please see the labels section below for many more postings and facts about cancer, vaccines, toxins, and who is poisoning us with this filth, and why?

Friday, 20 March 2015

"Finally Revealed - The CIA Report Used As Pretext For Iraq Invasion"

"Liar! Liar! Liar!"

The document summarizing the CIA’s purported knowledge of Iraqi chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs, produced in October 2002 and hidden from the public ever since, has finally been made public.

The CIA had previously released a heavily redacted version of the controversial National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) in 2004. Last year, transparency advocate John Greenwald made another FOIA request and received a declassified version of the document, which Vice News published this Thursday.

RAND Corporation, a government-connected think tank, also had access to the NIE. In a report published in December 2014, RAND analysts noted that the original CIA assessment contained many qualifiers about virtually everything, but as the document went up the chain of command, “the conclusions were treated increasingly definitely.”

The report is at the foot of the link below.

"Wake Up America....You're Government Is Killing You"

"Altered Genes - Twisted Truth"

A few helpful links below for those who wish to live.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

"Armageddon Is Our Ignorance - Not Their Choice"

"The Psychopath's Mandate - Understanding The Agenda"

I do not believe that the psychopaths we have allowed to take control of this planet want to destroy it, or they would not have organic seeds stored in huge silo's whilst feeding us deadly GMO's. Neither would they have built vast underground complex's all over the world if that were the case, yet we know massive depopulation of the plebs is high on their agenda.

Neither do I believe that Armageddon is a war that can be fought physically on the face of the earth, but rather, simply a war fought in the hearts and the minds of the people. We know they are following Bible prophecy to the letter, did you ever ask yourselves why?

Divide and Conquer has been a proven and successful strategy used by the globalist psychopaths for millennia, and why? Because they know the people of the world refuse to unite together to bring an end to thousands of years of war.

ALL that is required for peace and abundance on this planet is for the people to stand together in defiance of tyranny and hatred, nothing else will suffice, nothing else will succeed.

This posting is simply to illustrate to the masses the globalists methods of operation. What the masses do with that knowledge will determine the fate of us all.

Contrary to popular belief, the conduct of nations on the international stage is almost never driven by moral considerations, but rather by a shadowy cocktail of money and geopolitics. As such, when you see the mouthpieces of the ruling class begin to demonize a foreign country, the first question in your mind should always be "what is actually at stake here?"

For some time now Russia, China, Iran, and Syria have been in the cross hairs. Once you understand why, the events unfolding in the world right now will make much more sense.

The U.S. dollar is a unique currency. In fact its current design and its relationship to geopolitics is unlike any other in history. Though it has been the world reserve currency since 1944, this is not what makes it unique. Many currencies have held the reserve status off and on over the centuries, but what makes the dollar unique is the fact that since the early 1970s it has been, with a few notable exceptions, the only currency used to buy and sell oil on the global market.

Prior to 1971 the U.S. dollar was bound to the gold standard, at least officially. According to the IMF, by 1966, foreign central banks held $14 billion U.S. dollars, however the United States had only $3.2 billion in gold allocated to cover foreign holdings.

Translation: the Federal Reserve was printing more money than it could actually back.

The result was rampant inflation and a general flight from the dollar.

Now you might be wondering how the dollar has maintained such a dominant position on the world stage for over forty years if it's really little more than an elaborate ponzi scheme.

Well this is where the dollar meets geopolitics.

In 1973 under the shadow of the artificial OPEC oil crisis, the Nixon administration began secret negotiations with the government of Saudi Arabia to establish what came to be referred to as the petrodollar recycling system. Under the arrangement the Saudis would only sell their oil in U.S. dollars, and would invest the majority of their excess oil profits into U.S. banks and Capital markets. The IMF would then use this money to facilitate loans to oil importers who were having difficulties covering the increase in oil prices. The payments and interest on these loans would of course be denominated in U.S. dollars.

This agreement was formalized in the "The U.S.-Saudi Arabian Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation" put together by Nixon's Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1974.

Another document released by the Congressional Research Service reveals that these negotiations had an edge to them, as U.S. officials were openly discussing the feasibility of seizing oil fields in Saudi Arabia militarily.

Though presented as buffer to the recessionary effects of rising oil prices, this arrangement had a hidden side effect. It removed the traditional restraints on U.S. monetary policy.

The Federal Reserve was now free to increase the money supply at will. The ever increasing demand for oil would would prevent a flight from the dollar, while distributing the inflationary consequences across the entire planet.

The dollar went from being a gold back currency to a oil backed currency. It also became America's primary export.

Did you ever wonder how the U.S. economy has been able to stay afloat while running multibillion dollar trade deficits for decades?

This petrodollar system stood unchallenged until September of 2000 when Saddam Hussein announced his decision to switch Iraq's oil sales off of the dollar to Euros. This was a direct attack on the dollar, and easily the most important geopolitical event of the year, but only one article in the western media even mentioned it.

In the same month that Saddam announced he was moving away from the dollar, an organization called the “The Project for a New American Century”, of which Dick Cheney just happened to be a member, released a document entitled “REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century”. This document called for massive increases in U.S. military spending and a much more aggressive foreign policy in order to expand U.S. dominance world wide. However the document lamented that achieving these goals would take many years “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”.

"400,000 Mentally Enslaved Morons"

"Insanity Rules Britain's Sheep"

Only 29 people were interested in the topic of my last posting that could very well spell the end of the human race and possibly all life on earth.

I wonder how this posting will do on page views and stats in general?

The NWO have almost won!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

"Ukraine Agrees To Monsanto Land Grab For $17 Billion IMF Loan"

"Deadly GMO's The End Of Life On Earth"

 / Popular Resistance

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) is helping biotech run the latest war in Ukraine. Make no mistake that what is happening in the Ukraine now is deeply tied to the interests of Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and other big players in the poison food game.

Monsanto has an office in Ukraine. While this does not shout ‘culpability’ from every corner, it is no different than the US military’s habit to place bases in places that they want to gain political control. The opening of this office coincided with land grabs with loans from the IMF and World Bank to one of the world’s most hated corporations – all in support of their biotech takeover.

Previously, there was a ban on private sector land ownership in the country – but it was lifted ‘just in time’ for Monsanto to have its way with the Ukraine.

In fact, a bit of political maneuvering by the IMF gave the Ukraine a $17 billion loan – but only if they would open up to biotech farming and the selling of Monsanto’s poison crops and chemicals – destroying a farmland that is one of the most pristine in all of Europe. Farm equipment dealer, Deere, along with seed producers Dupont and Monsanto, will have a heyday.

In the guise of ‘aid,’ a claim has been made on Ukraine’s vast agricultural riches. It is the world’s third largest exporter of corn and fifth largest exporter of wheat. Ukraine has deep, rich, black soil that can grow almost anything, and its ability to produce high volumes of GM grain is what made biotech come rushing to take it over.

As reported by The Ecologist, according to the Oakland Institute:
“Whereas Ukraine does not allow the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, Article 404 of the EU agreement, which relates to agriculture, includes a clause that has generally gone unnoticed: it indicates, among other things, that both parties will cooperate to extend the use of biotechnologies.
There is no doubt that this provision meets the expectations of the agribusiness industry. As observed by Michael Cox, research director at the investment bank Piper Jaffray, ‘Ukraine and, to a wider extent, Eastern Europe, are among the most promising growth markets for farm-equipment giant Deere, as well as seed producers Monsanto and DuPont’.”
The nation WAS Europe’s breadbasket – and now in an act of bio-warfare, it will become the wasteland that many US farmlands have become due to copious amounts of herbicide spraying, the depletion of soil, and the overall disruption of a perfect ecosystem.

The aim of US government entities is to support the takeover of Ukraine for biotech interests (among other strategies involving the prop-up of a failing cabalistic banking system that Russia has also refused with its new alignment with BRICS and its own payment system called SWIFT). This is similar to biotech’s desired takeover of Hawaiian islands and land in Africa.

The Ukraine war has many angles that haven’t been exposed to the general public – and you can bet that biotech has their hands in the proverbial corn pie.

The famous zoologist Jane Goodall, who worked with monkeys in their native habitat at the Gombe Stream Reserve at Lake Tanganyika in the 1970’s, is joining a prominent activist lawyer, Steven Druker, to reveal the mockery of truth Big Biotech and the US government have made over genetically modified foods.

“The US government and leading scientific institutions have systematically misrepresented the facts about GMO.”
The famous zoologist Jane Goodall, who worked with monkeys in their native habitat at the Gombe Stream Reserve at Lake Tanganyika in the 1970’s, is joining a prominent activist lawyer, Steven Druker, to reveal the mockery of truth Big Biotech and the US government have made over genetically modified foods.

Steven Druker has written a book detailing it all titled “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” which features Dame Jane Goodall, who has called it one of the most important books in the last 50 years.
The book is being published at an opportune time, when the EU Parliament is working on the decision that states can ban GMOs. Based on evidence that Druker and Goodall provide in the book, they should ban the cultivation of genetically modified seeds from Poland to Greece; the UK, to France.

Druker researched Biotech’s commercialization for over 15 years in order to write the book, and has a history of forcing the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to divulge its files on GM food in a lawsuit started in 1992. He based his suit on the fact that:
  • The FDA has hidden many of its own findings about toxicity of GM crops.
  • Violated federal food safety laws by giving a rubber stamp to ‘food’ items that should have had to prove certain standards through rigorous testing.
  • The public unwittingly ate foods they did not know were dangerous due to their failure to regulate.
Drucker aptly points out that if the FDA had heeded its own ‘expert’ advice and publicly acknowledged their warnings that GM foods were riskier than conventional counterparts, biotech never would have had enough traction to launch a worldwide campaign.
His book also talks about the well-placed scientists (paid shills) who work at leading, ‘respectable’ institutions such as the US National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the UK’s Royal Society that have simply supported the biotech agenda while never truly evaluating the risks associated with genetically modified crops. Because of this, most of the public has been shammed. They aren’t aware of the dangers in eating GM foods.
One of the best examples Druker provides of the failure of biotechnology concerns the food supplement for an essential amino acid, L-tryptophan. Biotech’s first ingestible version of this amino acid actually caused thousands of deaths and permanently disabled many people.
Even the FDA’s own task force has seen ample evidence in both laboratory animals and in vivo trials to conclude that GM products should never have been allowed to go on the market. Now we have a world that is suffering from reproductive failure, liver disturbances, intestinal abnormalities, compromised immune systems, and an even greater incidence of obesity.
Even cautionary advice from eminent researchers from the Royal Society of Canada and the Public Health Association of Australia have been ignored.
Druker says:
“Contrary to the assertions of its proponents, the massive enterprise to reconfigure the genetic core of the world’s food supply is not based on sound science but on the systematic subversion of science – and it would collapse if subjected to an open airing of the facts.”

Drucker and Goodall intend to confront the Royal Society to recount the facts, apologize for the misleading statements that it and several of its prominent members have issued, and take earnest steps to set the record straight.
Goodall states in the book’s forward:
 “I shall urge everyone I know who cares about life on earth, and the future of their children, and children’s children, to read it. It will go a long way toward dispelling the confusion and delusion that has been created regarding the genetic engineering process and the foods it produces. . . . Steven Druker is a hero. He deserves at least a Nobel Prize.”
Below Is A Video Everyone Must Watch

The world's leading Scientists, Physicians, Attorneys, Politicians and Environmental Activists expose the corruption and dangers surrounding the widespread use of Genetically Modified Organisms in the new feature length documentary, "Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs".

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up!!!"

"Britain's Psycho Cops"

Published on 9 Mar 2015
Britain’s most senior police officer has urged families and business owners to install hidden eye-level CCTV cameras to make it easier to identify burglars. Privacy rights groups say it will make the public “an extension of the police.”

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe encouraged property owners to make a “stronger effort” to help with criminal investigations.

Families and business owners should plant two CCTV cameras in their homes, Howe says, ideally one high camera to capture the full crime scene and another eye-level camera to capture clear images of criminals’ faces.

Those who are only able to install one camera must ensure it is at eye-level. Howe claims this is the “most important angle.” He said this strategy would make it easier for police to identify criminals.