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Friday, 13 February 2015

"WTF? NWO Producing Human/Cow Hybrids For Ebola Cure!"

"The Real Truth About Ebola"

There is no cure for Ebola....Bullshit, pardon the pun.

But first, a little more on the human/cow Hybrids.

Even the Health Sciences Institute

and NBC News are covering this one!

So, how do you guys fancy being guinea pig for a human/cow vaccine to combat Ebola when there are at least two perfectly good and cheap cures already available that we know work?

So what are the cures we know of for Ebola?

The first is nano silver and the other is ozone treatment both of which work.

Dr Robert Rowan and his team flew out to Sierra Leone with his ozone therapy equipment, it wasn't long before he and his team were sent packing after they began curing patients of Ebola in west Africa.


Well, big pharma and the NWO don't want a cure for Ebola, or any other disease for that matter as they are hell bent on big bucks whilst culling the world population by 95%.

Below is the video in which Dr Mercola interviews Dr Robert Rowan about the bizarre treatment they received from the Sierra Leone authorities.

Below that is a video by Dr Rima Laibow which describes a very similar occurrence when trying to initiate the use of nano silver to cure the victims in Africa.

Are the non believers beginning to get the picture now, and starting to see what the conspiracy theorists see?

These are all conspiracy facts, and all documented.

Wake the hell up people....


  1. Ebola....Yes, another reason to 'need' chemical medicines???.....???

    Of course Ian, you know that you're overlooking the biggest threat to us Brits, don't you? What say?!..Well this silly overeating, then dieting and gym nonsense industry that consumes peoples entire lives. An illness caused by gluttony created by the need we as humans have for Spititual fulfillment, but are denied by being forced into a slavery of boredom and idiocy, so instead we have to stuff our faces with fattening junk food to self medicate ourselves against this horrid nasty concrete world we live in tha enslaves us into 'work pens',seperates us from our families, friends, loved ones: Forces us to work with people we dislike, doing jobs we hate, that pay as little as possible. So, in this virtual prison we get more depressed, more spiritually deprived, more liable to be victims of self medication from the legal drug called M&S food, to watching stupid food television programmes, to watching Celebrities, to even watching people watching television!!

    Ebola aint got nothing on this disease we are all suffering from!