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Thursday, 26 February 2015

"The End Of The Internet - The Beginning Of ObamaNet"

"The Greatest Liar On The Planet Finishes The Web As We Know It"


  1. Not really too concerned about this one, Ian.

    It's a fact that anything online isn't really a secret anymore. This means that people who use Social Media, or any media for that matter better be 'politically correct' about what they release or they could find themselves in trouble. I doubt this means that they can't talk about things, but that they had better do so as if someone is listening.

    I'm sure you'll be all too aware of that Ian.

  2. Oh, so your not concerned that many of your privacy right have already been taken away? And now your not concerned that many more will be taken away? It is exactly this attitude that the NWO love as they slowly peck away at everything we hold sacred whilst stripping us of our unalienable rights until we are left with nothing but slave status!

    "One absurdity begins, an infinity follow".

    You might like to know that in America recently, truthers, patriots, anti-vaxer's and conspiracy theorists are now classed as TERRORISTS!!!

    1. Further more anon, what do you think will be the first thing to go? Blogs like mine perhaps? And certainly the publishing of videos such as the one below that keep us informed of the growing tyranny in the world.

    2. Here is a little more for the people to contemplate....

    3. I wasn't saying anything against what you say here, Ian. Just that people should be aware that the idea of internet 'privacy', is a non-truth, so anyone who uses such media better be aware of such.

      Of course, anyone who causes excess stir is gonna attract attention. There's always a way of making a point without 'losing it'.

      It might be ok for some ct's like alex whoever to scream and rant, but they are getting paid big bucks so they can afford the risks, but for the average joe, they can have their say and be heard without the need for fireworks. rotfl!

    4. I know where your coming from anon though I don't think for a minute this latest escapade by the FCC is anything to do with collecting data or toning things down, I think this is the beginning of the end for ANY opposition media whatsoever....We must ALL defend every right we have or we will soon have none, I am wondering how the people are going to react to forced vaccination? Because believe me, it's coming shortly!!!

  3. forced vaccinations, man, that's bad!

    In fact it reinforces another analogy of us 'citizens', i recently came up with.

    We are nothing more than caged animals in a Durrel zoo called 'Jersey'. Our choices and so called freedoms are decided for us by those who have caged us. They release us temporarily, to wander around the zoo, but it's not for us but for them to get money from us. If they couldn't get something from us they wouldn't have caged us in the first place but destroyed us, as man is skilled at destruction.

    You may be a Tiger, a Gorilla, or a monkey, Snake, whatever... But you are a caged animal, removed from your true free flowing expression in nature. Force fed junk food and limited by law as to what foods you may consume. You are expected to fit their puzzle despite your own diverse needs and requirements being vastly different from their crazed model. If you disobey you go into a smaller cage for a long time. You are always in that zoo, hust with even further reduced freedoms.

    Land of the free? Cool story bro!

    1. Well....You hit the "proverbial" nail there anon, it was actually a pleasure reading your informed comment.

      Many thanks for your lucid effort ;)