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Thursday, 26 February 2015

"Humanity Is Heading Straight To Hell"

"The Human Chimera Is Already Here"

Human Chimera's and Transhumanism have been with us for decades, behind the scenes and behind our backs. If you think the cloning of Dolly the sheep was the first success then you are very very mistaken.

Many believe that the RFID chip will be the Mark of the Beast, I for one do not believe this as I think the RFID is only a precursor to the real Mark of the Beast.

We know from the Bible that the Temple of God is the human body, the double helix dna that is sacred to man. THEY are trying to create the triple helix that will corrupt the Temple of God and allow Lucifer to enter the Temple of God.

Whether it be by Chimera or Transhumanism, (the mixing of iron and clay) the real Mark of the Beast (I Believe) will be the alteration of our dna which THEY are already attempting with GMO food.

Below, Tom Horn takes us through these issues and reveals what has been going on in the shadows for decades.

Time to wake the flock up people!!!!

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