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Sunday, 1 February 2015

"How Much Of History Have The New World Order Already Eradicated?

"The Hitler Test"

Please stop and think very hard about the caption on the picture below before you make a judgement on this posting or it's contents.

Thank You

The Truth Seeker - John Kaminski

Below is the video "All Wars Are Bankers Wars" a must see.

How about educating yourselves about Hitler and
"Operation Paperclip"

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  1. dont need to read it. It's obvious to me that the NWO are trying very hard to eliminate the past, discredit it, to make way for a more efficient new model that will better enslave the people of the world into an opressive machine that effectively runs and polices itself, whilst the rich and elite laze about in their mansions living off the bones and toil of the 'always poor forever'-people.