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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

"Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner Dies Again!!!"

"The British Bullshit Corporation Strike Again"

So poor young Noah is murdered yet again, and at another school, and half way round the world this time!

When are the sheeple going to burn their Tell-Lie-Vision's?

Had to put my own video copy up as this vid has been deleted from the net.

I wonder why?

1 comment:

  1. Bwa ha ha, hoo haa, haa, haa!!

    Well done Ian, although it's plain obvious to many reasonably aware people today that 'tell lie vision', is just that. Mind you, this mostly revolves around the news and connected programmes. You only have to notice the ott posturing of 'seriousness', the newscasters, or should i say 'puppets', put on as they attempt to emotionally controll the masses. It's almost like they are telling us how we should feel emotionally about the world events as THEY report them to us. Know what?, emotionally laiden news carries more 'oomph' than regular news. Brainwashing, yep, you guessed it long ago, i know.

    When will the sheeple awaken>?

    Maybe when they take some time away from that box, and spend more time alone !