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Saturday, 24 January 2015

"Oh Those Wonderful Vaccines"

Vaccines Proven To Cause Sudden Death in Children – 67 Deaths Only Explicable As Caused By Vaccines – Drug Safety Regulators Had The Information for Over 2 Years And Let Children Die

This confirmation vaccines cause children to die suddenly is only hours old and is conclusive.  There is no room for argument.  It was published today on the US National Library of Medicine’s website.
For decades regulators and public health officials have insisted parents were wrong to blame vaccines when their children died suddenly shortly after vaccination.  It was coincidence they would say – nothing more. 
The deaths were no more than the number usually to be expected they would add.
But all the time drug safety regulators appear to have been holding the evidence.
A confidential 1271 page GSK document ordered recently by an Italian Court to be published shows that multiple vaccines cause sudden child deaths.  [The document is a formal confidential previously unpublished submission by GlaxoSmithKline to the European Medicines Agency from 2011 and 2012.]
The GSK document contains data about deaths occurring as a result of administration of Prevenar 13 vaccine [from Pfizer], Infanrix Hexa from GSK and some other vaccines.  Prevenar 13 is given to all British children.
In the past few hours the analysis has been published on the US National Library of Medicines website using the data GSK provided to the European Medicines Agency.  The data is conclusive.  It is very clear and there is no room for argument.
And the analysis is simple.  Anyone can understand it.  The very plain data the document contains proves the matter without any doubt whatsoever.
Here is the key point from the published analysis [but there is more to read online].  It is not rocket science but very simple to understand:
(Source: Table 36 The GlaxoSmithKline Biological Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance report to Regulatory Authority)…… if one analyses the data looking at deaths in first 10 days after administration of vaccine and compares it to the deaths in the next 10 days, it is clear that 97% of deaths (65 deaths) in the infants below 1 year, occur in the first 10 days and 3% (2 deaths) occur in the next 10 days. Had the deaths been coincidental SIDS deaths unrelated to vaccination, the numbers of deaths in the two 10 day periods should have been the same. Similarly in children older than 1 year, 87.5% deaths (7 deaths) occurred in the first 10 days and 12.5% (1 death) occurred in the next 10 days.
Here is the data presented in a way that the clustering of deaths can be seen clearly [click on the table to open a larger version in a new window:

The clustering of deaths around the time of vaccination demonstrates a link between the vaccination and the sudden deaths. It indicates this is not by chance as otherwise the deaths would be spread across the entire 20 days. Rather than showing the total deaths each day, GlaxoSmithKline disguised the clustering of deaths around vaccination. They did this by listing the cumulative number of deaths. So by day 19 after vaccination GSK’s total was 67 deaths. But there had only been two deaths in those last 10 days and not 67. In contrast 65 deaths occurred on the first day of vaccination up to the 10th day following vaccination.

And here you can see GSK’s Table 36.  The way it is prepared disguises the clustering of deaths around the time of vaccination – the total cumulative number of deaths up to 10 days from vaccination is 65.  That number over the next 10 days increases by only 2.  So in 10 days there were 65 deaths and between day 11 to day 20 after vaccination there were only another two deaths.  So only the vaccine can be the cause of this:
TABLE 36  20111216 GSK Infanrix Hexa Summary Bridging Report 16-12-2011

Here is a serious issue.  This kind of information is routinely provided to regulators like the MHRA but never made public.  On the one occasion such a document is published as a result of the actions of a judge in an Italian Court it is possible to show beyond any doubt that multiple vaccines cause sudden deaths in children.
This appears a serious failing of European regulators.
All the EU regulators including the MHRA have had this information for at least three years and failed to act on it.
Further, the MHRA has an agreement with the drug industry not to publish information like this despite the provisions of the UK Freedom of Information Act.
And here is an example of how slanted news reporting is.  The following report is not an independent objective balanced report of the facts:

Dawn Papple, Independent Outsourced Freelance Writer, Social Media Marketer, Independent Contractor
It is by someone called Dawn Papple apparently from the Greater Detroit Area USA who lists her working activities as Independent Outsourced Freelance Writer, Freelance Writer, Social Media Marketer, Graphic Designer, Independent Contractor.
This appears to be a somewhat racist press report, referring to the information being just from India and “the doctor from Delhi” [as if we can all ignore it] and claims the issue is being raised by “anti-vaccine” proponents.  It does not address properly the safety of children nor does it contain any proper overview of the real risks of disease for  children against the risks of vaccines nor why there are real causes for concern.
There is clearly an intentional bias.  Criticising the original edition of this CHS article, prior to this revision to review Papple’s report, Papple states:
The doctor who analyzed the data did not state that there was no room for argument, though. He did not brazenly state that the hexavalent Infanrix vaccine causes sudden death in babies.
It may not have been “brazen” as Papple writes emotionally, but it does look like he did and Papple knows that.  She wrote earlier in the article that the doctor stated:
this demonstrates a link between the vaccination event and the sudden deaths.”
 Dawn Papple does not question whether the information GSK provided is reliable and downplays the way GSK disguised the clustering of deaths around the time of vaccination stating, as if it were the wrong approach [emphasis added]:

Rather than compounding the total deaths each day, as in the documents found online, the pediatrics doctor suggests we examine how many more deaths happened right after the vaccine was given compared to as the days went by. He said this demonstrates a link between the vaccination event and the sudden deaths.
A substantial omission from Dawn Papple’s article is she does not discuss that GSK has been caught, found guilty of and fined substantial sums of money for serious misconduct including paying up with the largest health fraud settlement in US history.  But Dawn Papple takes as true what GSK says compared to a doctor who with courage has reported publicly this problem with vaccine caused sudden deaths which GSK kept secret and reported in a disguised manner to the safety regulators. 
CHS has reported on GSK’s problems with fraud and the like before.  Here is an example:
Remarkably, Papple claims this CHS article is by “an anti-vaccine advocate from Child Health Safety“.  She has no information to support such a spurious claim and when CHS is pro-safety, democracy and informed and free choice.  Papple it would seem is against.
Absent from the report is the issue that parents are told vaccines are entirely safe when they are not. Also absent from the report is the fact that vaccines are given to children the majority of whom especially in the western world are highly unlikely to suffer serious adverse effects of disease.
In other words normal healthy children are being given vaccines which can kill some of them who may never have a problem from the childhood diseases concerned, even if they caught them. 
The report also fails to address the fact that no effective treatments for basic well-known longstanding childhood diseases have been developed.  That is a scandal in the scientific 21st Century.  If there were effective treatments vaccines would not be needed.
So not only will the public will not get balanced information, here you can see attacks against the dissemination of information via social media.
With mainstream media reporting about vaccination issues being successfully made a near blackout except for reports promoting vaccines, this article shows how the next targets are likely to be shutting down social media and the internet for people to get information about vaccine issues.
Here from the report is a dubious claim which contradicts and downplays under-reporting of adverse vaccine reactions:
According to the statistics within the document, even if the doctor from Delhi’s fears are spot on, the risk of sudden death, while existent, would also be exceptionally rare after vaccination with the hexavalent Infanrix vaccine.”
Earlier in the report it refers to adverse vaccine reactions being under-reported but fails to explain how substantially under-reported they are.  So the information in the GSK document represents a small fraction of the problems of adverse vaccine reactions.
And interestingly, this article, seemingly reviewing the GSK document and many other publications also has been written in a very short space of time when the material concerned is extensive and would require a very long time to consider it.  It also contains no quotes from sources approached by the author, Dawn Papple, to support what she has written including the statements she makes as if of fact and the opinions she expresses [with no medical or scientific qualifications]. That is very poor journalism in our view.
The GSK document is 1271 pages alone.  Journalists normally do not have that kind of time.  This article is written by someone who describes her work as Independent Outsourced Freelance Writer, Freelance Writer, Social Media Marketer, Graphic Designer, Independent Contractor.
If you were to form the opinion that her publication is trash journalism, you might be right and we would agree.


  1. I think it is not the vaccines that the population of Jersey presently need to fear. This is one aspect of modern day life that sure may be harmful, however, their are other more malicious dangers in Jersey.

    I have over the past 20 years put together evidence that strongly supports the theory that there is a large network of Satanists operating in Jersey, who are murdering who ever they choose, without penalty, partly because some of the people in the network are employed either as paid members or voluntary members of one of the local Police forces.

    I have also realized that this network spans most walks in life and that they network or syndicate have people placed in most areas of industry. Others, may simply be being manipulated in order to do the biddings of those in the inner circle of Satanists.

    My theory explains why their have been so many suicide and drug overdoses over the past 20 years, not to mention why some of the more violent events happen.

    To explain in more comprehensive terms, please read the following article which I posted on a web site a day a go.

    Jersey, is, as Ian depicts it, full of corrupt power abusing cretins, however, the reason why these people are like they are may be more sinister and complicated that it first appears. Please read the following simple article/post and see if any of that contained within rings a bell. You likely know some of the people involved, perhaps you know someone who has died on a full moon or other magickally significant date, after going through a series of "bad events". Why the police do nothing, I do not know. Perhaps the reasons are more sinister than we would like to believe.

  2. Suicides and Overdoses linked to DJ Satanic ring Part 1
    on: January 23, 2015, 21:53
    Quote Edit

    Over the past 20 years I have watched many of my friends die in this island. Some due to suicide, others due to "accidental overdose".

    When first people started to die, the deaths appeared to be simply unfortunate. However, over the past 10 years, more and more people died, and I noticed a pattern forming surrounding many of these deaths.

    Many of the deaths happened on either a full moon or on the birthday of the victim (or a close friend or family members birthday).

    This, I felt was a bit strange but I did not understand the significance.

    It was only that my own brother died on my own birthday, and days later, my then ex-wife violently attacked me on a full moon blood eclipse, that I started to realize how strange these events were at that they did hold some significance.

    I thought the whole full moon thing was suspicious and thought that it might be something to do with occult practice, so I started to read up on black occult practice and low and behold what I found out explained what was going on with my ex-wife and several other people who live in Jersey.

    What I found out also explained why so many other people had died on full moons/birthdays/anniversaries/13th day of the month/20th day of the month. Significant holidays.

    The reason for these unfortunate events may be attributed to black occult practice which appears to be rife in Jersey.

  3. Part 3.

    I have read up on the basic practice of satanic ritual sacrifice and the deaths do appear to fit with the pattern line out by Satanist practice.

    Satanists appear to attack people on the days mentioned above with the intention of creating "magickal" energy through the rage of the victim. The "magick" also appears to be designed to inflict as much suffering on the victim and from what I gather the ideal goal is to cause the death of the victim, ideally while not getting prosecuted for murder.

    I believe that the people active in Jersey have devised a strategy or method that achieves their goal in that they murder or cause the death of their victims while not being caught and convicted for murder.

    The method. - Syndicate or a gang of bullies.

    Their method from my research appears to be a co-ordinated series of attacks from several people at once *ideally on the same day or within a short time span, to cause as much suffering as possible in the victim that the individual ends up either committing suicide or taking an overdose.

    An example of this type of scenario would be, to first get a mans wife to commit adultery (perhaps using bribes to convince the mans wife to commit adultery). Then, to get the same man the sack. Get the mans wife to violently attack him. Then, to get the same man framed for wife beating or rape.

    The result. The innocent victim commits suicide, take an overdose or end up in prison.

    Thus job done. The satanic ring then use the wife to steal any personal items of worth including the wife.

    I believe that the victims have been targeted by the satanic ring for different reasons.

    Some of the victims are business competition.

    Some of the victims are ex-boy friends/husbands of the members, who may have or be requesting custody over a child (I have seen this several times).

    Some of the victims have simply been vulnerable, such as the frail and infirm, the mentally ill and the disabled. Also, those who do not fit in or have fallen out with one or more of the members of the ring.

    The ring appears to be practicing this delusional practice on specific dates. Full moons. birth days. anniversaries. 13th. 20th.

    There is significant evidence for the police to launch a major investigation however I fear that the police do not do so because

    A: they do not want negative publicity for the island, as this may affect its reputation and may put off its rich and famous people from coming here to do business.

    B: the police are either protecting those involved, are involved themselves, or are orchestrating the murders themselves.

    C: the rich, famous and powerful (and their friends) are those who are committing these murders, as so are protected by their wealth, their political, journalistic and entertainment industry allies.

    D: The police are even thicker than you could possibly imagine. Which I personally do not think is the case.

    Please. Someone with half a brain. Do research and put a stop to these murders. Ideally, catch the people who are orchestrating them. one way or another.

  4. Bent Police. Bent Lawyers. Bent DJs. Bent Tax Haven. But the trick is to appear to not be bent. to be squeaky clean! That is the job of the police, the lawyers and the states of Jersey. That is why people who kick off about them being bent end up going through hell. The Police. The Lawyers etc. are protecting their investment and maximising their capital while destroying anything that threatens their business success. Its all about the money. Always was, always will be. Nothing to do with justice or law. They should teach this to kids at school so that no one grows up like me to fight against corruption, and just grow up accepting the corruption. Perhaps all of us would be happier. Unless you can destroy the system (which pretty much includes not only the corrupt tax haven system but the countries who back them). Then you may well as give up your fight against them, because you will not win. Their system is too big. Consider moving to a better place and getting on with your life. As they will ruin you. otherwise.