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Sunday, 11 January 2015

"How And Why The Brain And Body Degenerate"

"Your Ageing Brain"

"For in wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow."

Below is a most superb lecture by the revered neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock who shares with us some astounding facts about cell degeneration, over exercising, and toxins in our food and water. Also the lies coming from Government and Big Pharma who's intention it is to deliberately poison us with the most blatant of deceptions.

Dr Blaylock also explains the dangers of to much iron as we reach middle age, the astonishing effects of modern pesticides, and even the horrific truth about toothpaste!

As an aside, from my own research no one need buy toxic toothpaste ever again, or get their teeth whitened as simply brushing with Turmeric and a little water will have your teeth dazzling!!!

Turmeric also contains Curcumin, a wonderful substance for removing heavy metals from the brain and body.

This presentation will astound and shock you but please learn and enjoy....



  1. Thanks Ian for this.

    It's always been a mystery to me as to why food ever needed replacement sweetners to sugar, or additional artificial flavourings, or added iron, or why alcohol [containing traces of methanol], was the only permitted social lubricant. Or why over exercising became a new religion?

    One could read this as if the Gov. has set out to kill us off early, or leave us in need of care homes at a rather young age.

    Personally i think it could be a bit of both. I would advise anyone to be very careful about what the Gov. tell them. Information is witheld, that's for sure.

    A fine balance between living an extremely simple life, and enjoying the supreme tastes of modern life must be the order of the day.

    Food is there to simply provide nutrition. It shouldn't be seen as some sort of nirvanna as todays foodies would have us believe. Life is for living, and the simple life is just about that.

    Forget over exercising, forget drinking and partying, nope, that's wrong.

    BUT, what is right is this: Time in the nature, time with family and friends, time to enjoy the beauty in simplicity, whilst avoiding the latest fix of 'fad', the Gov. or media [same thing] is saying we 'need'.

    Life...[proceed with caution] ;-)

  2. im sick of these lying cunts

  3. @2:54 "im sick of these lying cunts"

    -OOO Yea, you'd better believe it!!

    'Spin', is the BIG word in the last few Decades. It's not so much that you have been lied to in the traditional sense, rather misguided as the news is very much one sided, ie 'spun'. For example you'll see the food authorities focussing on Nutrasweets so called 'good points', whilst holding back on publishing it's terrible downsides. The fact is it hasn't got ANY good points if it is toxic!

    Withholding important information from the consumer is basically leaving them in the dark as to making an educated decision on healthy life choices. These lies have serious damaging consequences, simply because of monetary greed.

    Imagine that, being lied to about making what should be healthy life choices??!!