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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"The Disease That We Should Never Forget?"

"The Disease That Nobody Wants A Cure For, Yet There Has Been A 100% Cure For At Least 23 Years That We Know Of"


  1. Cure for cancer and AIDS gets just seven views in over 24 hours!!!

    Is it any wonder big pharma, corporations, and governments poison you all whilst laughing their tits off and extorting a fortune out of you for pills and potions that don't work, knowing full well you are just going to passively accept their lies?

  2. Nope....That's it, my last blog posting is tomorrow as I refuse to waste my time and energy anymore on a race who just couldn't care enough to even flip their blinkers up and take a quick gaze at something that will save their life....

  3. I hope you change your mind Ian - because your posts have helped me to save my mother's life - although I have to say - it amazes me that more people are not interested even when they can see the proof - I guess their belief systems are so set they can't believe it is actually happening.

    I am writing on this page - because I got to it first - and saw your comment about not posting any more - before I found the cancer post again - the one where I first learned about the Beck Protocol. And wanted to let you know - your efforts have been worthwhile - even if - so far at least - it has affected only one family. We are all very grateful.

    I have spent my life looking for a cure for cancer. Studied and worked as a medical doctor - and found that was no use. Helped my patients with all sorts of alternatives - some of which worked - but not for everyone.

    So when my mother did not seem to be getting the results I'd hoped for with the alternative treatments for cancer we had used so far - I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog - except through guidance - because I wasn't looking for it.

    But I learned about the Beck Protocol - and was amazed I had never found it before.
    We immediately sent for the gadgets from Canada - just in time

    She was told the next day that the very rare form of cancer she had - was now spreading through her body and there was nothing that could be done

    So she got started with the silver pulser and magnetic pulser - and now - rather than spreading - the cancer has all but gone - there remains only one lump which is now almost gone - and she is feeling so much better.

    I am now writing more about what exactly she did - for others who are interested.
    However - as you say - many people seem still to remain unconvinced!

    Thank you anyway - and keep up the good work

    (Dr Anne Curtis)