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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"What Are We 'NOT' Being Told Here?"

Charities law 'will boost global reputation'

A new Charities Law will boost the Island's reputation as a leading centre for global philanthropy and strengthen its position as a world leader in wealth management, say Jersey Finance.
Jersey Finance chief executive Geoff Cook
And the new law approved by the States last week has been hailed as 'very timely and important for the future of Jersey' by Chief Minister Ian Gorst.
Jersey Finance chief executive Geoff Cook said that the new law would set the Island apart from other places and enhance its reputation as a leading centre for global giving by some of the world's wealthiest.
The Charities (Jersey) Law creates a robust and modern legal framework to support all types of international philanthropic and charitable structures.
Firstly, we are not being told absolutely anything about the new Charities Law in this article except that it will enhance Jersey's 'DEPRAVED & CORRUPT' reputation, which, to be quite frank, isn't that hard.
Does anyone mention in the article anything about charities having a tax free 'exempt' status?
Try looking into that one people!

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  1. Churches carry charity status and look how unbelievably wealthy most of them are.

    Should they be taxed, yes on all their business interests, but not on money given as a gift.

  2. The Church is the largest corporation on the planet.