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Thursday, 3 July 2014

"This Was Kept Nice And Quiet"

Has same woman tried to abduct second child?

The Police are investigating a second report of a woman approaching a child in St Helier days before concerns were raised that someone had tried to abduct a young girl in the Royal Square.
The police were initially alerted on Sunday afternoon after a woman in her 50s was seen taking a 22-month-old girl by the hand and trying to lead her away from Royal Square, where she had been chasing the pigeons at around noon.
Following publicity about the incident, the police received a report that a middle-aged woman fitting a similar description to the person in the original incident had approached a two-year-old child in Liberation Square a week previously, at around 2.30 pm on 22 June.
Anyone with information about the two cases is asked to contact Police Headquarters on 612612.

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