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Sunday, 27 July 2014

"The Jersey Monopoly On Dentistry Backed By A Raving Government Lunatic"

"Swine Flu Sue Wades In Again On Behalf Of The Criminals!"

I will let you good people read the article before I comment....

"Where Do We Start?"

Dentists, Salons, Lawyers, or Swine Flu Sue?

Aah fuck it, lets throw them all in the mix together!

Jersey dentists are in my opinion, monopoly thieves, they are allegedly given the right to charge whatever the hell they want so long as they all stick to the same maximum charge, and do not exceed it. They also have a duty to other dentists not to grass each other up or testify against each other when dealing with issues of malpractice, utter incompetence, or negligence.

The Salons have every right to practice, and complain, so long as they don't complain to Lawyers who are the parasites that put these draconian measures into place without the consent of those complaining about their legislation. Unless, of course, you REGISTERED TO VOTE, then you have no valid complaints whatsoever against anyone who is authorised to pass legislation to legally control you and your actions

Salon owners, can any of you show me the document, the law, or whatever these parasitic lawyers have put in place to control you, can you give me any proof that their vile puke applies to you, or your business?

"Saving The Best For Last"

Swine Flu Sue now wades into the argument stating that, after seeking legal advice, "in the view of the Law Officers, teeth whitening was a practice of dentistry".

But that is simply the view of the law officers, it is their collective opinion, which quite frankly, in law, counts for shit!!! Show us the proof that their opinion is indeed, FACT!!!

No one is interested in their opinion, their opinion is designed purely to keep the rich, rich, and to dupe the mugs who cannot understand legalese, or even simple English, into believing that their word and authority actually counts for anything....

Show us the God damned evidence to back up your claim, or go take a running jump.

"Something Extra To Dwell On"

Swine Flu Sue Turnbull - Chief Medical Officer

As Swine Flu Sue is so concerned about the welfare of all of us, and clearly doesn't want any of us good people to come to any harm via the process of teeth whitening, perhaps she might explain why dentists have been filling our teeth for generations with the second most deadly substance known to man, mercury!

Well Sue?

Well dentists? come to that....

Perhaps Sue, and here dentistry buddies can also explain why they are not outraged that toothpaste contains fluoride, another deadly carcinogen and neurotoxin?

For those of you who don't already know, toothpaste contains about 2.5% Sodium Fluoride, the only ingredient found in a box of Rat Poison!!!

Remember reading on a box of toothpaste when you were young...."If swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately". Do you think that warning may have been put there for a reason?

Finally, after all Swine Flu Sue's kind concern, and that of the Law Officers Department, and the dentistry practitioners themselves, which I have stated above, ask yourselves one long hard question....

Why do they allow the island's dentists to promote the following???

"A professional Fluoride Treatment can help strengthen your enamel and reduce the risk of tooth decay".


Let me enlighten you people further, fluoride is so bad for your teeth it causes dental fluorosis, staining and pitting of the teeth, and dumbs you down into the bargain!

The bloody Nazi's used it to keep the internees of the concentration camps placid and servile, why on God's earth do you think the New World Order have been pumping this shit into your drinking water for decades???

Earlier in the posting I stated that Fluoride was extremely carcinogenic and was a deadly neurotoxin, guess its my time to proof up hey?

Below is a link to my posting from 'The Dental Spa' picture above :)

And which incidentally, The Dental Spa took the comments off immediately despite the warning they were given about fluoride, and 'allegedly' had one of the commenter's on their Face Book page, arrested by the Jersey Police....


Below is a video by world renowned neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock on the neurotoxicity of fluoride in the human body.

Aah, never mind, just pick your own Blaylock video from the many on offer at the link below.


  1. Hi Ian, if you're still in the mood to "proof up", can you show us some evidence for:

    a) Sodium Fluoride being "the only ingredient found in a box of Rat Poison", and:
    b) "The bloody Nazi's used it to keep the internees of the concentration camps placid and servile"

    A calm and considered response would be appreciated please.

    1. Go find it yourself, you can spell and use a keyboard can't you?

      Do your own research instead of relying on everyone else to run around for you when you people should be learning all this for your own well-being, and that of your children....

    2. Was that "calm and considered" enough for you Mr Pete the troll?

  2. Mercury from our trusted dentists....LOL