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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

"The Blame Game Begin's As Jersey's & Britain's Paedophilia And Sexual Abuse Epidemic Erupts" PART 1

"Jersey Cops Blame Everyone But Themselves"

Gameshow Mike....Bowron, Chief Officer of SoJP

"the States of Jersey Police has highlighted that a shortage of services in the island is a major barrier to getting such cases to court."

A lack of evidence is the only thing that should stop any case of rape, sexual abuse, or paedophilia getting to court. See link below.

Below we have the diatribe of the laughing-stock that is the
Jersey Evening Post.

Said Corporation being responsible for hampering and hindering the investigation led by Graham Power and Lenny Harper into decades of child abuse at Haut De La Garenne and other Jersey care homes known as Operation Rectangle.

Please see labels section below for more details, or simply go to the blogs of

Stuart Syvret

Rico Sorda

Voice For Children

which are absolutely riddled with the evidenced truth of these vile cover-up's and those responsible for covering these atrocities up.

Having now enlightened you all, let us proceed to the main bulk of the horseshit that is

Click on the pics to read them.

Victim 'traumatised' by abuse trial process

Update on the Committee of Inquiry

And finally,  Jersey MSM trying to look and sound as though they have been fighting for justice for the beaten, the abused, the buggered, and the murdered children and sexually abused adults who continue to suffer in Jersey simply because the government decided to cover it up!!!

Are the victims on mainland Britain faring any better than Jersey victims?

It sure as hell doesn't look like it....

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up!!!"


  1. I wish you guys would investigate the peadophiles in the white house when bush sr was in there

  2. There is no excuse for the police, they grabbed me and brutalized me and flung me in a cell the day they released my abuser, as a punishment for reporting him, because he had the right connections. He was left free to go round saying he was cleared and I was left broken and going mad with PTSD.

  3. At the very time that supporters of abuse victims are patiently and responsibly trying to encourage the abused to come forward and give evidence the Committee of Inquiry on Historic Child Abuse, the JEP chose to run a front-page banner saying: “CHILD ABUSE VICTIM: MY COURT HELL”.

    Does the JEP really not understand that such propaganda – I say ‘propaganda’ because the banner is there solely to persuade people to PAY to read the stuff on page 9 – risks cancelling out much of the laudable effort by true supporters of the abused as they go about encouraging them to speak out?

    But yes! Of course the JEP understands that! And, although disguised as mere advertising ‘propaganda’, it is abundantly clear that the banner is in fact a deliberate ideological propaganda exercise designed to undermine confidence not only in the COI but also in any other forum where victims are entitled to seek professional support, comfort and redress.

    So much for ‘responsible’ journalism!