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Monday, 14 July 2014

"Teenager's Wanna Fuck - It's Life - It Has Always Been This Way"

Spotlight on child sexual exploitation

Chief Inspector Alison Fossey, Jersey Police

A hard-hitting campaign has begun in Jersey to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation.
TV Commercials, filmed locally, highlight that sexual exploitation of children is happening in Jersey. 
Victims often don't even realise it themselves.
Chief Inspector Alison Fossey, who is leading the campaign, said: “Child Sexual Exploitation is a very real issue in Jersey which is why it was so important to make the advert locally, featuring recognisable Jersey locations, with local actors. If we didn't it would be easy for people to dismiss the message as one which doesn't relate to the island." 

"Waking up to the N.W.O Indoctrination"

That has got to be the most pathetic video that Cover-Up TV & The Jersey Gestapo, sorry, Police, have ever put out!!!

What Propaganda Puke can we expect next?

Clearly Ms Fossey has sold her soul to 'The Jersey Way' or she is that stupid she cannot recount her own sexual exploits when a teenager....

Fuck me, it's what teenagers do!!! They actually want to get into the pants of the opposite sex when they come of age and all those fantastic hormones go bouncing off everything that can be bounced off!!!

How stupid and lost are the utter tosser's that actually believe this contrived shit?

Sex at sixteen is 'fucking' awesome, it's the best shit on the planet, and it's shit that drink and drugs will never touch in a million years!!! yet the globalist's want to dampen down sexuality to stop reproduction as they want most of us wiped out, and those who remain, as slaves.

All sixteenager's should go out and fuck themselves stupid....Just remember to protect yourself from unwanted burdens, i.e kids and std's.

Of course, it is the globalist agenda of depopulation that is prime in this article, nothing else. A bunch of bigoted cunt's trying to indoctrinate the young and youthful that sex is some Holy Taboo when it is the most....


There are down sides but, hey fuck! You live and learn right? Life cannot be taught at this age, it must be lived and experienced....Much better than some shitty NWO deity preaching it for you and taking away your most valuable moments on this planet ;)


  1. I think poor Alison has sold her soul to keep her job, but on HDLG etc & child abuse not on this ...and I hardly think it a NWO cunning plan to depopulate the planet.
    However it is a rather feeble and boring video and to avoid the real issue it makes use of only more mature teenagers.

    Girls do need to know that older boys (and men) are ruthless and more adept at lying in order to obtain sex or camera-phone images and indulge in sexual predation or sexual bullying.

    The glaring education gap is perhaps not amongst our children but amongst our politicians such as Le Marquand (Minister for Home Affairs)
    thought it acceptable to leave a Jersey grooming gang at large and not even inform parents of the danger:

    See also:

    Ex Deputy Trevor Pitman indicates that there is a possibility the no action was taken against the Jersey grooming gang because one of it's members was from an establishment family:

    1. Thanks for Keeping it realJuly 15, 2014 6:12 pm

      After some thought and several decades of "research" -a good deal of it "hands-on" :-) I have come to some conclusions regarding sex.

      If I could modify your headline "Teenager's Wanna Fuck" to :

      Teenager Boys Wanna Fuck, Teenager Girls Wanna hold hands, kiss, cuddle and dance ....but are open to persuasion.
      [sorry, not very catchy or surprising]

      Sex is indeed great and potentially one of life's greatest pleasures [definitely imo].
      I don't see a problem with [older] teenagers less than 10% apart in age having healthy, safe and fully consentual sex.

      The problems come when the situation is predatory or disrespectful or if people are semi-raped with the use of drugs like alcohol.

      Sexual politics remains fraught with difficulties, especially for girls. It is difficult for most boys (especially the shy ones) to obtain the healthy sex which would help them develop a healthy image for themselves, their sexuality and for their female friends.

      IMO the sexual dynamic is often limping and misguided. Boys need to make it safe for girls to "share their candy" when (and if) they are ready.
      Sexual politics meets schoolyard politics plus alcohol. It's a jungle!
      Teenagers have their whole life ahead of them -it's okay to wait but boys find it difficult and risk drowning in porn, some of it extreme or very unhealthy.


      "Schoolboys aged 12 and 13 who raped 10-year-old girl as they played on an Xbox are freed because of their young age

      Girl kept it secret for four months, Newport Crown Court in Wales hears
      'Girl's parents have described their daughter as an empty shell'

    3. Unfortunately, shit like this happens all to frequently, sign of the times and bad parenting I'm afraid....I read a similar case a couple of years back where two kids of the same age were involved, brother and sister as it happens, Social Services reunited the boy with the family after some small inquisition!!!

      And above, I said that "sex at sixteen is fucking awesome" and it is, nothing in life ever comes close again for most people, except your first kid being born. At sixteen, seventeen, you have mastered some small appreciation of life and of your opposite number, this enables you to commit to your first true love (so to speak) with much feeling and emotion instead of the hump and dump attitude that is prevalent today.

      The NWO is totally responsible for the depravity in operation these days as they would just love paedophilia to be normalised in society. A prime example is the Vatican having been forced to put the age of sexual consent up from 12 to 14....

      In Germany they are educating kindergarten about masturbation and all it's pleasures? Scandinavian countries have been at it for much longer.

      Let the fucking kids have their childhood before bombarding them with the depraved shit of adults, but high ranking paedo's just want it when they want it. How about some of the good souls in society campaigning for MP's and the elite to be locked up for raping and killing children in their sex rituals?

      Instead, the people of Jersey only turns out in huge numbers to demonstrate when they see that people who enjoy 'Pounding Poop' don't get their own way. This is what the NWO, after many decades of thought control, have slowly reduced you people too!

      As in the first comment above, the author fails to see or acknowledge what has been going on for the last hundred years of brainwashing. I hope that this particular individual will start doing some serious and urgent research into the Globalist scum before the time has passed us by to defeat them!!!