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Thursday, 17 July 2014

"Ozo The Bozo To Help More People Get Fucked Over By The Banksters!"

Budget promises more help for home-buyers
Major initiatives to help Islanders get on to the property ladder are to be announced as part of the 2015 Budget due to be published tomorrow, the JEP can reveal.
However, the benefits to those entering the market at the lower end and middle of the spectrum are likely to be balanced by a tax hike for those buying high value property.
Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf will be publishing his final Budget before Islanders go to the polls to elect a new cohort of politicians in October.
The publication and debate of the annual document usually happens in December but has been brought forward this year ahead of the election and to ensure that a new House does not have to make such important decisions within weeks of taking office.
"The Mortgage Scam"
And it is a scam for the hapless and helpless.
The banks lend you money they don't even have, they make you pay at least twice the price of the 'alleged' loan, and fuck you over at the Land Registry Office!
Don't believe me?
Try not putting a date on the form that you sign for your mortgage!!!
See what happens!!!
For further info on the mortgage scam, check out and Google and YouTube a chap called Winston Shrout and/or/either Bill Turner.

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  1. Dear people, please look into, and understand, fractional reserve banking!!!