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Thursday, 17 July 2014

"Jersey Child Abuse Plea Fall's On The Deaf Ear's Of The Cowards"

"Cowards Shy Off And Back Away"

Jersey child abuse victims will 'always' be victims if they never confront their past....

Carrie Modral, hard nut, and victim herself, has battled away for donkey's years to get Jersey's pussies, cowards, and halfwits to come to terms with their abuse. She advocates nothing more than the principle of open speech and honesty in seeing the victim's perpetrators hung out to dry for their fucking heinous crimes!!! 

What does this fine Lady get from the abused people of Jersaaay in return?

Nothing but ridicule and piss-taking from the cunt's that won't support her....

THE ABUSED SHOULD BACK THIS FIERY WENCH ALL THE WAY, fore she will never let the establishment get the better of her, or the other victim's of child abuse....

With you all the fucking way Modral.... :) xxx


  1. My utter blessings sausage!!! :)

  2. Hi Ian,

    It must be infuriating to anyone who has put so much work into Jersey's child protection issues but I do feel that the language you have used here is more likely to cause depression than to motivate survivors to give their statements.

    This is a rare occasion on which the JEP article looks good and fair.
    I believe that the score is now somewhere in the region of JEP 3points, Bloggers 857points.

    All respect to those who do give statements. You owe it to yourselves, to the victim who did not survive the abuse or life afterwards. Paedophilia and abuse is not an issue that is going away so responsible adults owe it to the children of today and of tomorrow.

    It must have been exhausting getting this far but those who withhold evidence, big or small, are doing the cover up job for the failed authorities.

    The Jersey inquiry is unlikely to be perfect but blindness to cover-up is reducing fast. Also the spotlight shall fall on the conduct of the Jersey CoI as due to GB's overarching inquiry on the cover up of abuse.