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Saturday, 5 July 2014

"Freedom & Life"

"A Thought For The Weekend"

"Consider the field of lillies in seed. The wind which carries the seed plays no favourites. The seeds fall where they will according to the fortunes of the wind and weather. Those that fall in fertile soil may be tended, and cared for, grow strong and bloom. Those that fall in barren soil will die. Yet some will cling to life in arid places, or hillsides, in deep clefts. And so the traveller, unsuspecting, comes upon a sight of beauty - a single lily growing amid the rocks. The thoughtful traveller will water this lily in passing, grateful for its strength, its beauty - its tenacity to life. And, growing in the rocks as it is - is it not in its essence, still a lily, and every bit as beautiful."



    1. Yes, watched that a couple of days ago, it's par for the course now!