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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

"Equal Opportunities For 'All' Idiots In Jersey Politics"

Diane Abbott in Jersey for Women in Politics talk

UK MP Diane Abbott has encouraged Jersey women to take part in politics ahead of the island's general election on 15 October.
The MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington was at the Women in Politics event at the Grand Hotel on Monday.
Currently 12 of the 51 States' members - 23% - are women.
Ms Abbott said: "If you want people to participate and be interested, part of that is to have a political class that looks like the population as a whole."
Ms Abbott was joined by serving Deputies Carolyn Labey, Susie Pinel, Kristina Moore and Tracey Vallois.
Deputy Labey, who has been in politics for 12 years and has three children, said the event was designed to give women more information about what life in politics involved.
She said: "Like it or not, it is women who have babies and more often than not bring up the children so... that is going to have a greater impact on a woman's career.
"Women who go through that process can lose confidence in themselves, so giving some support and a network to women who are considering [entering politics] is a good thing."


A brief look at women in Jersey politics, and no disrespect to Diane Abbott as she has not suffered "The Jersey Way" yet!!!
It took Tracy Vallois almost two years to even open her mouth in the Chamber of Horrors, and Carolyn Labey, after her altercation with Bailhache, 'shut her mouth' for two years!
Kristina Moore has had health problems due to trusting pharmaceutical medicine, which out of fear can be somewhat excused, and then there is Suzie Pinel....Deaf, dumb, and blind with no medical certificate to prove her case. See link below.

And what about everyone's favourite sock puppet, Juliette Gallichan?

Or perhaps, the 'just' dense Sadie Rennard who Trevor pitman did a hilarious piece on, in fact, almost identical to the VFC link above ;)

Jesus 'H' Tap-dancing Christ....Come back Shona Pitman, all is forgiven.


  1. Whoops Mariana!!!

    I almost forgot Sarah Ferguson, a strange commodity, but a commodity with a brain, and I believe, a woman with a good heart. She is the WITCH in the photo below that took some time to comprise for the benefit and humour of my readers ;)

  2. A bit rich if Kristina Moore was at this event - she hasn't been in the States for the whole of 2014! Nobody wishes others ill health but when one considers what happened to Syvret Moore really should have had the good grace to stand down.