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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

"Better Get Yourself A Warm Fart-sack & A Comfy Pillow Monty, It's Going To Be Some Fucking Wait Buddy!!!"

"Montford Tadier On The Welfare Of Sick People" LOL !!!

If Monty believes for the slightest moment that any time soon, government controlled pigs like Anne Pryke are going to sanction the use of medical cannabis after the way Evelyn Volante was treated this last weekend, then....I will eat the sweetcorn from his next turd!!!

Wake the fuck up you idiots....The NWO wants you DEAD....NOT....getting CURED!!!

They have been poisoning you, and fucking up your families genetic code for the last sixty fucking years that we know about!!!!

They don't want you useless fucking eater's taking up what they believe is truly theirs!!!

"Especially For Jersey's Idiots"

Below, is my last attempt to reach you people before I give up completely!

And remember, this video is over 18 months old.

The video below is even older, and much more intense! It is the Mother of ALL video's.


  1. I feel my blog has come to the expiration of it's life. Whether it's my attitude to the blog, the info contained, or whether it is the ignorance of those reading it, or even more so, those ignoring it completely, matters not....What matters is that I lack the knowledge, the ability, perhaps even the strength and courage to reach anyone above the level of pea brain. Some people have the patter, patter is not a commodity that I possess yet it is more powerful than the actual facts, simply because people believe patter, and not facts!!!

    I hope to hand over to a more suitable candidate shortly who has the patter, if that fails, at least we tried hey?

    "Remember always, that a wise man walks with his head bowed, humble like the dust".

    In the first 8 or 9 years of my life, I knew this better than any of the old Masters.

  2. Ian, i have so far enjoyed your blog because you are after all providing the chance to the public to comment on certain matters that the JEP won't give the chance for (even if they do so for other less important matters)

    Whilst doing that, you have also published links to other sites involved in spreading awareness of the world, and things not covered in mainstream media. Again that is good because i believe a healthy sound basis for judgement must rest on seeing a variety of information from various sources rather than just one or two. Letting the public choose and research, rather than being force fed.

    I do notice that you have gotten quite angry over several local issues, and that you have also used the site in order to express this. Perhaps this anger has spilt over a bit onto the other reporting you do. I suppose that is where you may have gone slightly overboard- as you yourself have admitted, but one things for sure-this forum would not be so funny or the same without these angry comments and hilarious photoshopped images.

    Perhaps there is a better way of providing a right to reply about issues tha irritate you, but without getting so angry about it. Maybe it's in the way you phrase it. Maybe the onus should be on the 'comments' your than your often angry pre speech?

    If you do pack this in, what do you hope to achieve next, Ian.


  3. Achieve next?

    Apart from waking up a few people, I don't think I have achieved anything other than contributing, along with the police, to fucking up my own health!

    Lets face it anon, after 4 years of blogging, the people are still just as afraid of the establishment as they ever were. They still pay every penny demanded of them by government, and they still believe that cancer can be cured with carcinogens!!!

    I give up....

  4. Ian, If that is the case then maybe you need to take a break from blogging. It can't be healthy sitting behing a computer getting irate about issues that aren't ever gonna be resolved overnight, and other stuff. Anger can build up and without an outlet can harm the health.

    We live in a new age of opportunity where people now have a lot more choice than ever before. That means people can choose to make the difference as to wether they want more of the same, or some major changes to the Island and the rest of the world. It aint gonna happen too quickly, but probably will eventually. That's up to people to decide, nobody can force them, it's their choice. At least you have your own opinions, but it's probably best sometimes just leaving it so. I always think a man's greatest freedoms and happiness is in having a worldly knowledge. So don't get all mad and upset if the rest of the population wanna stay in the dark, that's their loss.

    In the mean time, i can't ever see you doing anything else than this. I mean you obviously find this stuff fascinating. Perhaps posting a few more hilarious photoshopped images is the medicine needed to lighten up the vibes, and enjoying the glorious sunshine.


    1. Even now, you still don't get it do you?

      There is NO TIME FOR CHOICES....They have already been made whilst you were all sleeping!!!

  5. Of course you are wrong. I have already decided that tomorrow i will be reading my copy of the Sunday newspapers, later i will be watching Eastenders, and finally eating an exotic dish called fish and chips with mushy peas with a pint of Yorkshire bitter. There is nothing more to life than that. I am in control of my life, nobody else controls it. Excuse me whilst i catch up with the rivetting Channel report ;-)


  7. Keep up the good work Mrs Evans I have learnt so much about the NWO and you great blog.