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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

"Update On Yesterday's News & Some Fresh Hypocrisy From The JEP"

"The JEP, Too Little Too Late, As Always"

"The Wizard Of OZ" was all about the New World Order!
Unfortunately, not many cottoned on at the time.
"OZ" - Gold! Yellow Brick Road?

Stealing the peoples God given right to the wealth of the land?
Here, the good witch tell's us that "WE" are in charge.
If the people do not stand up and claim their rights,

then the people have no rights!!!

Get it now?
So here we are with yesterday's stories from the JEP. The only thing they can claim is original is the hypocrisy contained in the last two pics on the abuse inquiry theme below. Here the JEP defend the C.O.I. whilst having, in the last six years, tried to utterly trash any inquiry into decades upon decades of child abuse, child rape, and child murder.

I very much doubt it somehow, but....I sincerely hope Frances Oldham QC & Co take these child abuse cover up merchants to the cleaners. What say you guy's?

Click on the pics to read them.

"Sounds Like Murder, But What Really Went On?"


  1. You should stick to talking bollocks about contrails instead of showing yourself up by commenting on real issues.

    1. Hi Jon, long time no hear, especially since you tried to press charges against the dead legal fiction MR IAN EVANS, or is that one of our politicians? Or even ex politico's for that matter?

      Please enlighten me halfwit and show me what you think I got wrong about this slavering child abuse cover up nonsense?

      I look forward to posting your pro-child abuse shyte!!!

    2. In case some of you didn't know, the shit that is Jon Sharrock Haworth, tried to use more millions of tax payers money to have me charged, via data protection law in prosecution of what he describes as "HARASSMENT".

      If he has any problem with me he is open and welcome to take out a civil prosecution funded solely by himself, and not the tax paying mugs of Jersey. No doubt our duplicitous Emma Martins is backing him all the way on this one along with the stinking corrupt States of Jersey Police who have already broken a number of their own laws on this issue, and which are recorded on camera by their own halfwits!!!

      As always, fuck off Jon, "No man ever escapes retribution"....

    3. Still no response, but what can you expect from Jon Sharock Haworth, or the paedophile sponsors that are in cahoots with him on the farce blog? An ex minister that commit's fraud by forging signatures? Or an acting member of parliament who is a proven fraudster and a thief!!!

      The States of Jersey hey!

      A den of inequity and utter human filth....

  2. Whats strange is now that Jersey seems to be favouring Sharia law and not the laws they place upon us.

    Why the bayleaf allowed more time to enter a plea he either did it or he didn't?