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Sunday, 29 June 2014

"O.M.F.G. We Have Real White Fluffy Clouds Above Jersey Today!!!"

"Not A Chemtrail In The Sky At St Ouennies"

Hahaha, and I'm not even posting a chemtrail picture!

Ooop's....wrong conspiracy THEORY, sorry!

But....A small thought for the denialist imbeciles like;

Nick 'farmer' Palmer (alleged pilot, who actually just hand-glides on the odd occasion)
Dr Louise Magris (gov-agent who's only expertise is on red squirrel's)
& Ian Gorst (our mystery chief minister-ish),
who I am sure, cling to the belief I am simply off my fu*king rocker about chemtrails (geoengineering).

One simple question for the three of you Meadow Muffin's is the following....

I have been out in the garden all day today looking up at the sky and logging any "contrails" and "chemtrails". I noticed eight "contrails" which dissipated within one minute, or less.

That was it!!!

So, my question is this;

Why weren't any of these 'normal' planes, which leave these plumes of toxic filth, actually flying today?


 Are you three Meadow Muffin's telling me that not a single one of them flew today within sight of the grubby little island of Jersey???

For the real truth and all the links to the Chemtrails/GeoEngineering conspiracy, see all the links at the link below.


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  1. Damn straight I won't be publishing your shit about chemtrails you ignorant cunt!!!