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Sunday, 8 June 2014

"Obama Gagging Order On Chemtrail/Geoengineering Report"

Questions Mount After Obama Kills Report 

on “Chemtrails”

Since February, tens of thousands of Americans have been awaiting a joint NOAA and NASA report on airplane contrails, commonly referred to by some experts as “chemtrails,” which many suspect are pumping dangerous toxins, and even “mind-control” substances, into our atmosphere.  The report was due out on Friday, June 6th…
And then the Obama administration put a stop on it.

Monday morning, President Barack Obama signed an executive fiat that effectively issued a gag order to NOAA and NASA on the subject of airplane contrails/ chemtrails, claiming there were “issues of national security at stake” with the report’s publication, noting “sensitive information regarding military flights” would be released.  NOAA and NASA both promptly issued press releases announcing the cancellation of the report and that they were discontinuing any further research into the subject.

The report was supposed to be released on May 29th, but White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced on May 22nd that the report would be delayed until June 6th.  Carney was asked repeatedly in the days that followed why the report was being postponed, but he continuously refused to answer, repeating that the report would be released on June 6th.  Carney mysteriously and unexpectedly resigned from office on May 30th.

Some government-paid scientists claim that contrails are man-made clouds that form as a result of water vapor released from airplane engines, and that they can also sometimes form from changes of air pressure stemming from airplane wingtips.  But most experts disagree with those assertions, saying the airplanes are intentionally spraying harmful gas all over America.

“It’s a well-known fact at this point, by most scientists anyway, that the government is working with for-profit forces in the private sector to dump these chemtrails all over North America,” says David K., a scientist who asked we not release his full name, fearing government retribution.  “They’ve been doing it for decades now, and under Obama, it’s gotten worse than it ever was.”

“These chemtrails have countless applications, and none of them are good,” David K. continued.  “They keep finding new things to use these chemtrails for.  Weather control, disposing of unwanted chemicals, spraying the country with pesticides… it’s pretty bad.  They even invented a chemical that forces Americans to be more consumer-driven and buy more stuff.  It’s the worst controversy of our time, and most Americans don’t even realize it’s a problem.”

We tried reaching out to the White House to find out more about why they decided to nix the report on chemtrails, but they have yet to return our numerous phone calls or emails.


  1. Ian

    "They even invented a chemical that forces Americans to be more consumer-driven and buy more stuff."

    Do you seriously believe that?


    1. Chemtrails are very real and a proven phenomenon, they are killing people, plant and animal life, that is what I am interested in!

  2. and what would it take to convince you that these trails are a natural phenonema?

  3. So your saying that chemtrails, or any trails for that matter, occur naturally in nature?

    It is quite clear I am dealing with a brain dead imbecile, an idiot of the first order, I know how to deal with idiots on blogs, bye bye....

  4. Jackass banned a report on water vapor??? National Security. Don't be stupid stupid.