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Monday, 2 June 2014

"Mass Hysteria Over A Pistol"

Jersey police launch urgent appeal for missing handgun

Opportunistic theft, or did someone know the weapon was in the car on such a short journey?

It also seems incredible that someone would leave a brand new weapon in a car that was unlocked. It all seems very odd to me.

It is incredible how the British government have instilled this raw fear into people over guns, in most other jurisdictions nobody would bat an eyelid. I hope a few of you see how you have been brainwashed over the generations. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

A Glock pistol similar to one which went missing in Jersey on Friday

Jersey police have launched an urgent appeal to find a handgun that went missing from an unlocked car on Friday.
The 9mm Glock disappeared from a silver Mitsubishi car somewhere between the Newton & Newton gun store and Roberts Garage in St Helier.
Police said the weapon was not loaded and no ammunition was missing.
The gun was collected from the gun shop at 13.00 BST and was then driven, via the Monterey Hotel, to Roberts Garage at Springfield.
A police spokesman said: "Whilst the firearm was unloaded and there was no ammunition with it, public safety remains a priority therefore the quicker it is located the better.


  1. if you know a bit about guns its made of plastic and ceramic undetectable with metal detectors it is also the most accurate weapon in use by the POLICE not your normal target range weapon

  2. this whole thing is just extremely odd !! it don't make sense.they pick the gun up leave it on the back seat of a car and its stolen ??? do you not think that maybe this whole thing was an inside job,they told who ever they had the gun and then "arranged" for it to be stolen ?