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Monday, 30 June 2014

"The Secret Life Of Food"

"The Most Dangerous Place Is Your Local Supermarket"

Alex Jones takes a look back at one of the most important special reports he's ever done, Food The Ultimate Secret and discusses how it's even more relevant today in light of the recent victories against the companies pushing GMO.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

"O.M.F.G. We Have Real White Fluffy Clouds Above Jersey Today!!!"

"Not A Chemtrail In The Sky At St Ouennies"

Hahaha, and I'm not even posting a chemtrail picture!

Ooop's....wrong conspiracy THEORY, sorry!

But....A small thought for the denialist imbeciles like;

Nick 'farmer' Palmer (alleged pilot, who actually just hand-glides on the odd occasion)
Dr Louise Magris (gov-agent who's only expertise is on red squirrel's)
& Ian Gorst (our mystery chief minister-ish),
who I am sure, cling to the belief I am simply off my fu*king rocker about chemtrails (geoengineering).

One simple question for the three of you Meadow Muffin's is the following....

I have been out in the garden all day today looking up at the sky and logging any "contrails" and "chemtrails". I noticed eight "contrails" which dissipated within one minute, or less.

That was it!!!

So, my question is this;

Why weren't any of these 'normal' planes, which leave these plumes of toxic filth, actually flying today?


 Are you three Meadow Muffin's telling me that not a single one of them flew today within sight of the grubby little island of Jersey???

For the real truth and all the links to the Chemtrails/GeoEngineering conspiracy, see all the links at the link below.


Saturday, 28 June 2014

"The Lies We Are Told About Food"

"Dr Mercola On Cereal Killers"

Story at-a-glance

  • Contrary to popular belief, you do not get fat from eating fat. You get fat from eating too much sugar and grains
  • Refined carbohydrates promote chronic inflammation in your body, elevate low-density LDL cholesterol, and ultimately lead to insulin and leptin resistance
  • Insulin and leptin resistance, in turn, is at the heart of obesity and most chronic disease, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s—all the top killers in the US
  • To normalize your weight and protect your health, it is crucial to address your insulin and leptin resistance, which is the result of eating a diet too high in sugars and grains
  • Donal O’Neill turned the American food pyramid upside-down—eliminating sugars and grains from his diet and dramatically boosting his fat intake, thereby reducing his hereditary risk factors for heart disease to nil

For the full article please see the link below

"Rights Come From God....Not Government"

"Shocking Insight Into Lawless American Cops"

David Knight speaks with Cheryl Chumley discussing the egregious overstepping of constitutional rights by both the federal government and local police forces across America.

Friday, 27 June 2014

"How The People Are Being Poisoned" PART 4

"What You Need To Know About

"How The People Are Being Poisoned" PART 3

"What You Need To Know About

Fast Food And Chemical Additives"

Plus "REAL" iron filings in your breakfast cereal! LOL

"How The People Are Being Poisoned" PART 2

"What You Need To Know About

Aspartame And Fluoride"

"How The People Are Being Poisoned" PART 1

"What You Need To Know About
Food And Drink"

Thursday, 26 June 2014

"Jersey Don't Like Being Told What To Do"

HSSD "fully committed" to inquiry

Health Minister Anne Pryke

Jersey's Health and Social Services Department has caved into pressure to hand over documents to the inquiry into historical child abuse.

The panel wanted copies of all records of the compensation scheme that was set up for victims.

HSSD originally held them back claiming it would be a breach of confidentiality.

They've now made a u-turn and given the inquiry team the paperwork.

A statement read: “The Minister for Health and Social Services, and her Department, are fully committed to supporting the work of the Jersey Care Inquiry, while taking care to ensure that victims’ interests are protected.

“The Scheme records have now been provided on the understanding that the Inquiry will manage the records in compliance with the Data Protection Law and that confidentiality will be preserved.”

"It's Getting Worse By The Day"

"Spraying Us To Death"

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

"Again, Credit To Mike Higgins For His Unwavering Support Of This Event"

Lancaster bombers to appear at Jersey air show
The two aircraft will also take part in a series of events during the summer months across the UK

The only two Lancaster bombers still flying are due to appear at Jersey's International Air Display in September.
The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, based in Lincolnshire, is to join the other aircraft from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.
Air show commentator Melvyn Hiscock said: "It's absolutely phenomenal and fantastic news."
The two aircraft are expected to take part in a series of events during the summer months across the UK.
The annual air display attracts thousands of visitors each year.

For keeping the names of those brave men and women who were needlessly slaughtered in this contrived banker's war, alive!
Well done Higgins & Co, Fuck the "NWO"....
At the link below are all the links you ever need to see about how the globalist banking scum have lied and cheated the people of this planet for hundreds and thousands of years....One in particular is "All wars are bankers wars".

Enjoy at your peril, it's heartbreaking.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

"Does Anyone Actually Believe This Crap?"

UN children's rights extended to Jersey

Anita Tiessen, Deputy Director at UNICEF UK

Children in Jersey will now have more rights. 

The government have signed up to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

It means every child is entitled to a number of necessities in life, including the right to an education.

Grouville School is the first in Jersey to take part in the UN's Rights Respecting initiative. 

Senator Gorst, said: "Part of the commitment we have made is to ensure, not only that government policy takes proper account of children's rights, but that Jersey children all understand their rights and their place in our community. The child-friendly document has been developed to use clear language and has been brought to life by the Grouville artwork."

Anita Tiessen, Deputy Director at UNICEF UK, said: "What I think is one of the most important things that happens in a rights respecting school is that children understand- if I have rights- then so do you and that fundamentally changes behaviours in schools. We see bullying virtually disappear, relationships improve, we hear teachers saying that actually learning gets better and children are more attentive, so it's not just a legal document that governments use, it's actually something that lives and breathes in schools and makes a real tangible difference to children's lives."

"Now For A Reality Check"

The globalist elite, via their United Nations vehicle, are extinguishing animal, plant, and human life on this planet at a rate not seen since the dinosaurs parted company with the earth, and we are expected to believe that they want to protect children in Jersey?

All children are born with inalienable rights endowed by their creator, and which are set in stone, why would any child need to trade God's gift for shitty little statutory rights created by the scum of the law society and pig politicians?

Wake the fuck up!

"No Surprises Here!"

Two out of 28 rape cases taken to court
ONLY two men have faced court on rape charges during the last two-and-a-half years - despite 28 offences being reported during the period, according to figures obtained by the JEP.
ONLY two men have faced court on rape charges during the last two-and-a-half years - despite 28 offences being reported during the period, according to figures obtained by the JEP.
And just 16 men have gone to court for indecent assault over the same period, despite 73 crimes being reported.
The figures were obtained using the Freedom of Information Code.
Therefore, 26 women must be lying right?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

"We Throw The Food Out Because It Fucking Rot's Within 2 Days Of Buying The Shit!!!"

"Corporate Filth Blame "US" For "THEM" Selling Us Rotten Food Whilst They Arrest & Imprison Organic Food Suppliers!"

Jersey's corporate scum sell us the poorest nutrient deficient shit they possibly can and then turn the tables on us for discarding their putrid filth!

Ever wonder why the Channel Island's Bakery went out of business?

Their main loaf of bread, inappropriately named "Island Pride" was little more than a concoction of chemicals and soggy doughy shit that was rotten a day after purchase....

And so it is with our "alleged" fresh fruit & veg....Nothing but out of date crap that is totally nutrient deficient long before it even gets to this depraved little isle. All potential nutrients lost in transit!

I watched a small, but significant video last week about red apples. In 1950 you got so much goodness from one apple, to get that same goodness these days from that same apple you would have to eat twenty six and a half apples!!! Don't believe me? It was also covered by one of the mainland's leading papers.

AND WHY is Organic fruit & veg twice the price of normal fruit and veg when the parasitic wanker's don't even have to shell out for pesticides and herbicides? Ask the thieves and post your answers here in the comment section....I bet not one of you asks the organic growers!

Aside from putting mercury in our fillings, poisoning our water with chlorine and fluoride, putting rat poison in our toothpaste, telling us we should put carcinogenic sunscreen on our little bodies before we go out into the sun, spraying the air we fucking breath with chemtrails full of heavy metal nano-particulates, dousing our alleged fruit and veg with herbicides and pesticides, injecting our meat with sub-clinical antibiotics and exogenous growth hormones, fucking our children up with vaccines causing autism amongst a whole host of other brain neurological impairments, and generally trying to kill us stone dead by any means within their parameters, some of us are still fight back!!!

What say you fools? Fancy fucking Coronation Street or East-Enders off and getting down to some serious research that will save your presently worthless life?

Of course not....It's the weekend, just open your bottle of wine, eat your takeaway, ignore your kids and chill for a couple of days before the New World Order has you running around that hamster wheel for another five days to make one of their number richer than they already are.

Whatever you do after reading this posting, make sure you watch the video below....AND go research Codex Alimentarius!


Friday, 20 June 2014

"Mental Health In The Spotlight Yet Again"

"You Are Beautiful"

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly."

""As Far Away From The E.U Psycho's As Possible Is Where Any Reasonably Adept Politician Should Be Taking Us"

"Bailhache Wants A One World Government"

"Free Toxins For Our Children"

"As If The Kids Are Not Poisoned Enough Already"

Great idea! Splash that toxic garbage all over yourselves kids and block up those skin pores that allow heavy metals and other toxins to be discarded from your body.

Sweating is a great way for the body to detox so let's just keep those poisons inside us hey, just where our government wants them?

"Many Thanks To Maria - She Is Why I Continue To Be Who I Am" :) xxx

"Ta Luv, People Like "YOU" Inspire People Like "ME" Like You Wouldn't Believe Lady"

Not long after my 'Police induced' heart attack in 2012, I got a message from a lady who's brother I had helped win his case in the Royal Court of Jersey some time earlier. Maria had heard of my dire situation and sent me the most simple of messages via FaceBook, that of music!

Other than air, water, and food, music is the only sustenance us mere mortals need to bind us all together, indeed, other than the aforementioned, music is the only thing that binds the whole of humanity full stop.

Below is the kind gesture Maria sent to me in my time of crisis....And oh how it worked Lady ;)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

"Utter Desperation For 'The Jersey Way' As Tim Le Cocq Is To Be Made Deputy Bayleaf"

New Deputy Bailiff announced

'Dim' Tim Le Cocq
Jersey's new Deputy Bailiff has been announced as Timothy Le Cocq QC who is the current Attorney General.

The Queen has approved the appointment after the current Deputy Bailiff, William Bailhache, will become Jersey's Bailiff in January.

Mr Le Cocq was born and brought up in Jersey. He went to De La Salle College before going on to study at the University of Keele.

He was called to the English Bar in 1981 and the Jersey bar in 1985.

In 1996 he was appointed as Crown Advocate and appointed as Solicitor General in April 2008.

In November 2009 he was appointed Attorney General.

Mr Le Cocq said: "As a Jersey man it is a honour and privilege to have the opportunity to serve the island in this way.

"I am very much looking forward to all aspects of being Deputy Bailiff."

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

"Update On Yesterday's News & Some Fresh Hypocrisy From The JEP"

"The JEP, Too Little Too Late, As Always"

"The Wizard Of OZ" was all about the New World Order!
Unfortunately, not many cottoned on at the time.
"OZ" - Gold! Yellow Brick Road?

Stealing the peoples God given right to the wealth of the land?
Here, the good witch tell's us that "WE" are in charge.
If the people do not stand up and claim their rights,

then the people have no rights!!!

Get it now?
So here we are with yesterday's stories from the JEP. The only thing they can claim is original is the hypocrisy contained in the last two pics on the abuse inquiry theme below. Here the JEP defend the C.O.I. whilst having, in the last six years, tried to utterly trash any inquiry into decades upon decades of child abuse, child rape, and child murder.

I very much doubt it somehow, but....I sincerely hope Frances Oldham QC & Co take these child abuse cover up merchants to the cleaners. What say you guy's?

Click on the pics to read them.

"Sounds Like Murder, But What Really Went On?"

Monday, 16 June 2014

"Max Igan Explains About Humans & The Corporate System"

"You Walk In Two Realities"

How the slave system works.

"States Departments Refusing To Furnish Abuse Inquiry With Documentation?"

Care Inquiry public hearings begin

22nd July

Leah Ferguson, Seaton Place.

The public hearings into allegations of historical abuse in Jersey will begin on 22nd July.

It is expected the first witnesses will provide expert information on the background and context of Jersey’s care system, dating back to the end of the war.

It comes as the panel in charge of the investigation confirm they are still waiting for key documents from the States. 

They will be the subject of a further preliminary hearing on Wednesday 2 July.

The dates were announced at a hearing this afternoon (Monday). 

There, Jersey Police and Health and Social Services Department said they were worried about data protection issues. They said being summonsed to provide sensitive documents was not the best way of achieving information. 

In 2011, the States agreed to hold an inquiry into allegations of historic child abuse, following criminal investigations at the former children's home Haut de la Garenne. 

The Treasury has allocated £6 million for the Inquiry, which is expected to take a year to complete. 

Frances Oldham QC has been appointed to chair the Committee of Inquiry. She said: "The Panel are looking forward to beginning the public part of the Inquiry and would like to assure everyone that we will work as openly and transparently as possible. 

"We urge anyone who thinks they can contribute to our work to contact us in what is a very safe environment. We will be robust and independent in our approach to uncover the truth about what went wrong in Jersey's child care system over many years."

She is a top UK lawyer with considerable experience of cases involving sexual and physical abuse. The other two Committee members are former social work director Alexander Cameron and child protection expert Alyson Leslie. 

Latest details on the Inquiry, including contact details and a FAQ section, can be found (urle "" "here" "") .

Please see the VoiceForChildren blog at the link below for more details.

"More Damnation Of Jersey's Child Protection & Mental Health Failures"

Jersey child mental health patients 'kept in police cells'

Fiona Potts, Mother.

Young mental health patients have been kept in police cells because of a lack of adequate facilities in Jersey, a report says.
The Health, Social Security and Housing Scrutiny Panel held- a six month-long review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).
It said the service was failing to fully support patients and families and referral waiting times had increased.
The Health Department said it was considering the report.
The panel said it was calling for a service that was appropriate for the needs of the island and individuals after its investigations received more than 50 submissions from service users.

Mental health report findings

  • Mental health is not held in the same regard as physical illness and stigma must be addressed
  • The waiting list for an appointment has increased from six to 14 weeks in a year
  • Parents feel the service lacks positivity and support for the family unit
  • Service specialists are not available out of office hours, besides 10:00 to 12:00 at weekends
  • There is no designated place of safety for children and young people to be accommodated when they go to A&E with mental health issues
Source: Health Scrutiny Panel report

The report said parents "did not believe their child was on a pathway to get well".
The panel said the complexities of mental health meant it could not be viewed as a nine-to-five illness, which is currently when CAMHS operates on weekdays.
It said that, outside working hours - including 10:00 to 12:00 at weekends - parents had had to call police or the island's hospital emergency department for help.
Some children had been in cells or children's hospital wards because there was nowhere else for them to go.
The panel heard that, at times, patients prone to violent outbursts at home left parents with no choice but to call police.
Investigators were "alarmed" to discover that, on occasion, police cells had been used to hold them "due to a lack of adequate facilities".
The Health and Social Services Department said it would respond fully to the report after it had had a chance to discuss it.
The health minister was due to publish an official response within six weeks, the panel said.

"Nutrition Could Also Be A Huge Problem"
Our children are being poisoned by government and big pharma in a manner and on a scale never before seen, the symptoms of this poisoning are numerous, everything from hyperactivity to murder.

Because the medical industry pay little or no attention to nutrition our children are growing up being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD among a whole host of other alleged ailments and forced to take many psychotropic drugs which destroy their cognitive function.

Below is an excellent video from world renowned neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock who explains everything you need to know about the effects of bad nutrition in children.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

"Waking Up The Sheep - The False Flag Entity"

"England Are Playing Tonight & I Am Posting This"

I bet your watching England, right?

And that is exactly the reason why the world is fucked!

They turn your attention from the real issues by getting you enslaved watching 22 grossly overpaid moron's kick a pigs bladder around a field for 90 minutes!

Is Adam Lanza real?

Who? Where? Aaah, you've forgotten already....Let me remind you below.

Are F.E.M.A. Camps real?

FEMA Camps: City to Exile the Homeless; It’s not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore

"Gun Crime  - Mass False Flag Shootings"

"And Finally, The Get Out Of Debt Free Team"

"Did You Consent?"

Thursday, 12 June 2014

"More Bad Information About Sunscreens"

UV index to reach 8 Thursday

Summer has finally arrived in the Channel Islands. Over the next couple of days, we can expect the strongest sunshine so far, with a very high Ultra Violet (UV) index of 8.

Our weather presenter Sophia has been keeping track of the latest weather conditions and has been monitoring the UV index in particular.

She explained: "It's not unusual for the islands to experience sunny and hot conditions, especially at this time of year, but what is slightly more rare is for the UV index to rise above a 7.

"Tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday, however, we are likely to find the sun is the strongest so far this year in the Channel Islands, and the UV forecast is 8. This is very rare indeed for the Channel Islands."

The UV index provides a forecast of the expected risk of overexposure to UV radiation from the sun and also suggested protection people should take in the sun to avoid harmful rays. It also predicts the level of solar UV radiation.

The risk of overexposure is measured on a scale from 0 (low) to 11 or more (extremely high). In the Channel Islands the scale would typically run between 1 and 7 during any year, as the index's 8-11 are more for counties closer to the equator.

Sophia says: "The temperature for Thursday and Friday is also expected to rise, and it will be hot by the end of the week with 26°C forecast for Jersey. 

"The end of June is typically the warmest with the highest UV index, so the fact we are seeing these temperatures and exceptionally high UV index's across the islands, so early in the month, is a rarity"

Sophia will keep us up to date with all the developments on our website - channelonline./tv/weather - and on twitter. You can follow her on @sophiweather.

How to stay safe in the sun: 

Cover up: The more skin you cover when in the sun, the better. Wear material with a close weave as they are most effective at blocking UV rays. A good way of testing this is to hold the material up to the light and see how much passes through. Be aware that some clothes stretch when wet and allow more rays through to your skin. A hat and sunglasses offer great protection for your head and face.

Sunscreen: Charities recommend a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, also check they have not gone past their expiry date, most have a shelf life of 2-3 years.

Protect children: All children should be protected from the sun, irrespective of whether they tan easily or not. Children with fair or red hair, pale eyes or freckles are at most risk. Take a look at SunSmart's top ten tips for protection children in the sun here.

Watch for sunburn: Sunburn is a clear sign that UV radiation from the sun or sun-beds has damaged the genetic material in your skin cells, their DNA. This damaged DNA can cause cells to start growing out of control which can lead to skin cancer. Click here to look at a UV Risk table by SunSmart.

Using Sunscreens Can Make You a Magnet for Melanoma

By Dr. Mercola
With the height of the sun season upon us, health officials are telling everybody to pull out their sunscreen and slather it on.
But before you do that, it might be best to check the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) 2012 Sunscreen Guidei to see if your sunscreen is one of the 75 percent with potentially harmful ingredients in it.
Contrary to popular belief, many sunscreen products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer because they contain vitamin A and its derivatives, retinol and retinyl palmitate, as well as other hazardous ingredients.
While there's disagreement on the actual level of toxicity some of the chemicals on EWG's list have on humans, the list does provide safer alternatives, so I highly recommend using this valuable resource as a guide before you start shopping.
I will also offer my own recommendations for protecting yourself against harmful sun exposure in this article, while still making sure you're getting the exposure you need in order to maintain healthy vitamin D levels.
This year, the EWG tested 800 commercially-available sunscreens, up from 600 tested just last year. Unfortunately, only 25 percent of these products effectively protect your skin without the use of potentially harmful ingredients, so it's important to do your homework.
To make it onto EWG's safe list, sunscreens must:
  • Be free of oxybenzone
  • Be free of retinyl palmitate (a type of vitamin A)
  • Provide a maximum of SPF 50, and
  • Protect against both UVA and UVB sunrays

Are You Drenching Your Skin with These Toxic Chemicals?

Oxybenzone is one of the most troublesome ingredients found in the majority of sunscreens. According to EWG's findings, 56 percent of sunscreens contain this harmful chemical. Its primary function is to absorb ultraviolet light. However, oxybenzone is also believed to cause hormone disruptions and the type of cell damage that can provoke cancer.
As I've mentioned on numerous other occasions, it's important to understand that chemicals are readily absorbed into your bloodstream and body through your skin. And sometimes this can be even more hazardous to your health than swallowing it.
Still, both the American Academy of Dermatology and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regard oxybenzone as safe. It's been approved by the FDA since 1978, and is approved for use on children over the age of six months.
Retinyl palmitate, a type of vitamin A, is another high-risk ingredient found in many sunscreens. According to a recent CNN reportii:
"Government-funded studies have found that this particular type of vitamin A may increase risk of skin cancer when used on sun-exposed skin. However, these reports have been in mice and evidence has been inconclusive for humans."
According to the research compiled by EWG's chemical database, however, retinyl palmitate gets a classification of "high concern" due to its developmental and reproductive toxicityiii. Research indicates that retinyl palmitate is readily absorbed by your skin. According to a report by the National Institutes of Healthiv:
"Cosmetic formulations containing retinyl palmitate are substantially more stable than those containing retinol. Furthermore, retinyl palmitate readily penetrates into the epidermis and dermis. In vitro measurements of retinyl palmitate's percutaneous absorption indicate that 18 percent of retinyl palmitate, topically applied in acetone, penetrates human skin within 30 hrs.
Percutaneous absorption of retinyl palmitate in currently marketed cosmetic products may be still greater due to the considerable efforts of cosmetics formulators to maximize the effectiveness of products containing retinyl palmitate and retinol.
Studies indicate that absorbed retinyl palmitate is readily hydrolyzed to retinol by cutaneous esterases. In addition, skin contains the enzymes required for further metabolism of retinol to retinaldehyde and retinoic acid, and some studies have shown that levels of retinoic acid in the skin can increase following topical application of retinyl palmitate or retinol."[Emphasis mine]
According to EWG's chemical database, retinoic acid—which has been shown to increase following topical application of retinyl palmitate—is also listed as moderately hazardous due to potential toxicity to organ systemsv. Despite these concerns, the FDA has continuously failed to alert consumers of the dangers of retinyl palmitate and its derivatives. This failure falls in line with the agency's continuous protection of their big business "clients" at the expense of public safety...

Why Higher SPF isn't Necessarily Better

The EWG also warns against purchasing sunscreens with a sun protection factor (SPF) greater than 50. The reason for this is because while SPF works by absorbing, reflecting or scattering the sun's rays on your skin, its protective ability is not linear and does not offer a great deal more protection at higher levels. As stated in the featured CNN article:
"While SPF 85 may sound like a lot more protection than SPF 30, the higher the number doesn't always give a high return. Studies show that sunscreen with SPF 15 can block about 93 percent of all incoming UVB rays. SPF 30 blocks 97 percent. SPF 50 blocks 98 percent. "The protective factors plateau from there. A product with SPF 100+ blocks about 99.1 percent of the UVB rays," [Dr. Ariel] Ostad said. "You don't really need a high number. They end up being expensive and don't offer more protection than SPF 50."
With regards to SPF, another important factor to remember is that SPF only protects against UVB rays, which are the rays within the ultraviolet spectrum that allows your body to produce vitamin D in your skin. But the most dangerous rays, in terms of causing skin damage and cancer are the UVA rays. This is why you always want to make sure any sunscreen you buy protects against UVA's as well as UVB's.

Please Remember the Trade Off and the Benefits of Vitamin D

Besides exposing your body to potentially harmful chemicals, perhaps an even greater concern is the fact that sunscreens effectively block the type of ultraviolet light needed in order for your body to produce vitamin D in response to the exposure. As just mentioned, UVB's are the rays responsible for vitamin D production, while UVA's are the ones responsible for the vast majority of skin damage from excessive sun exposure.
Vitamin D plays a crucial role in your overall health and well-being. If you've spent any time on my site at all, you know that I'm a firm advocate for optimizing your vitamin D levels. For example, this superb nutrient is known to:
Protect against cancer, including melanoma

Help keep your bones strong and healthy

Help maintain a healthy immune system

Support your cardiovascular health

This list of important benefits represents a mere fraction of the many ways vitamin D helps optimize your health. And, although you can obtain vitamin D from natural food sources, experts agree on one thing: Sunlight is by far the best way to get your vitamin D. The so-called experts who advise you to avoid all sunlight and religiously apply sunscreen are actually encouraging you toincrease your risk of cancer, not lower it… The key is to find a healthy balance between getting enough natural sunlight to maximize your vitamin D production and maintain your optimal health, while at the same time protecting yourself from damage that occurs from overexposure to the sun. I'll review how to accomplish this in just a moment.

Sun Exposure Can Dramatically Help Protect You Against Cancer

Contrary to popular belief and what dermatologists have been telling you for years, several studies have already confirmed that appropriate sun exposure actually helps prevent skin cancer. In fact, melanoma occurrence has been found to decrease with greater sun exposure, and can, as already mentioned, be increased by sunscreens. For example, one such study revealed that melanoma patients who had higher levels of sun exposure were less likely to die than other melanoma patients, and patients who already had melanoma and got a lot of sun exposure were prone to a less aggressive tumor type.
Another Italian study, published in the European Journal of Cancer in June 2008vi, also supports earlier studies showing improved survival rates in melanoma patients who were exposed to sunlight more frequently in the time before their melanoma was diagnosed. Additionally, melanoma is actually more common in indoor workers than in outdoor workers, and is more common on regions of your body that are not exposed to the sun at all. Furthermore, UVB radiation has been found to delay the appearance of melanoma if you are genetically predisposed or prone to skin cancer!
The fact is, getting safe sun exposure every day is actually one of the best things you can do for your health. The point to remember is that once your skin turns the lightest shade of pink (if you're Caucasian), it's time to get out of the sun. Past this point of exposure your body will not produce any more vitamin D and you'll begin to have sun damage. And sunburn anywhere on your body is never good for your health.
Full article and video is at the link below