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Saturday, 3 May 2014

"Would You Work Your Ass Off To Make These Two Parasites Rich?"

"How Much Are These Schmuck's
Actually Paying?"

Have any of my readers ever had a bill after eating and drinking in the Boat House?

Who can afford such arrogance?

Well, we the people are sick to the back teeth of parasites paying peanuts to their employee's!

What say you to that?


  1. Your headline comment sums this one up nicely, Ian.

    Murray Norton and Nigel Godfray are wealthy and greedy people, who have grown up in Jersey at a time when jobs were plentiful, and getting up onto the ladder was easy. They may think they are in a position to moan about these 'work shy locals', but truly they are not.

    They would be better to thank their lucky stars that they were lucky enough to have had the easy ride, that is currently deprived to local Islanders, as there are few decent jobs about and employers want more work for less money. How can these two misguided people even think that they have a sound basis to criticise? How much do they actually pay their workers? I bet if they paid well and offered a very attractive package that their workers would not leave them. Maybe they need to take a hard look at themselves and remind themselves that they had it a lot easier?

  2. What these restaurant running businessmen fail to realise is that Social securities, 'Back to work' forces people into applying for jobs they do not want to do, simply to maintain a quota to keep the media happy.

    This of course means that whilst it appears to look good in editions of the JEP from their end that they got (xxx) amount of people back into work from the period of (yyy) to (zzz), that in practice that it does not produce worthwhile or lasting results. This 'getting the figures', is an utter nonsense that does not help these individuals or the quality of services in Jersey, in fact it is both stupid and detrimental to the future of the Island.

    These restauranteurs need to understand that this 'core issue' is at the heart of the matter. It's not that these people are workshy, it's that they are being forced into lines of work that do not match their skill and beliefs set. You can blame that on the messed up local economy destroying well paid jobs, and leaving future generations of aspiring highly educated people working in jobs they are overqualified for. That wasn't the case untill recently, and you can bet your bottom dollar that these rich restaurant entreupeneurs didn't grow up in such bleak times. Of course not, they were the lucky ones who enjoyed the Island when things were abundant and going good.

    Sadly those days are no longer. Have some understanding of these current times, and feelings for these youngsters, restaurant running folk.

  3. A pair if arrogant greedy exploiting wankers....

  4. I would have to work two days to afford one meal in either place


    read the comments the shit has hit the fan

  6. At least Murray Norton hasn't been cyber bullied to death.

    RIP Simon Abbott.

  7. he did say it he is just backing down where is his shithouse mate in all this godfrey