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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

"Town Hall Debate On Cannabis Yet No States Representatives Or Health Professionals Will Show Face!"

"They Don't Want The Sick Being Cured"

Why are no States representatives turning up to the debate?

The answer is contained in my last blog posting yesterday where the whole story is explained in detail.

Government is a criminal enterprise run by the big corporations like big pharma, the military-industrial complex, banksters, and the Crown Corporation of the City of London.

Cannabis was made illegal because of its healing properties and versatility as a manufacturing product for such goods as clothes, building, and car manufacture. Does any sane man or woman believe that Big Pharma, with its trillion dollar a year pharmaceutical industry, wants a cure for almost all diseases that only costs pennies?

A few days ago the subject of melanoma and cancer was all over the news, melanoma is curable in as little as three days, yet very few know this, WHY?

BECAUSE they DON'T WANT a CURE for CANCER unless it can be patented by them. They are unable to patent anything in nature so they either add a load of chemicals to it or genetically engineer it so it is patentable!

GMO crops are a prime example but most people have never even heard of GMO, let alone the awful damage it does to living organisms. Hell, even the FDA are trying to bring in a ban on organic farming, ever wonder why?

People need to wake up and start studying these issues before it's too late....

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