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Monday, 26 May 2014

"Those Magnificent Men On Their Motorcycle Machines"

Record turnout for Jersey biker fundraiser
About 700 bikers gathered in Jersey on Sunday
Record numbers of bikers gathered for Jersey's annual Big Rideout charity event on Sunday.
Organisers estimate 700 bikers joined the ride, which raises money for the Jersey-based charity Holiday's for Heroes.
It offers week-long holidays to the island for injured UK servicemen.
Lee Butler, of the Greenman Motorcycle Club, organised the ride from St Catherine's to St Ouen.
"It's a great little charity," he said.
"When the guys come over for their holidays, we take them out on the bikes and this is just an extension of that."
The Big Rideout started on St Catherine's Pier on Sunday morning

Lee Butler, of the Greenman Motorcycle Club, organised the event

Richard and Dawn Woodhouse run Holidays for Heroes.
"We believe it's a record number of more than 700 participants so it's a major fundraiser," said Mr Woodhouse.
"Ninety per cent are from Jersey but there are bikers from Alderney, Guernsey and the UK, including some of our holidaying heroes who have chosen to come back over and take part.
"We estimate they've raised more than £10,000 over the past four years and that is crucial."


  1. Please ask the Woodhouse's for them to release the Charity Accounts for the Public to see, they will not at all!! I have tried to see where the money is going, but have been totally Blocked by them, Also did you know that on the Directorship of this Charity is Mr Frank Walker, Mr Bob Gaiger ex Treasurer of the States and has his own Hotel in St Ouen and his wife was the Treasurer who even tried to run me down in her car, reported to Police but no action taken!!!!

    1. WoHo!!!

      Would you be interested in sharing your story?

      I just love shit like this :)

  2. Hi Ian

    I will, Just for asking one question I lost my business as a friend of mine from my Army Days stayed at the Merton Hotel with Holiday for Heroes with his family back in 2010 he told me horrendous things that was going on ie they had to where the Holiday's for Heroes all the time, as Peter put it they felt like Monkeys in a Zoo, Mr Woodhouse laughed at some of them when the Gun Salute went off and some dived for cover, No Accident Book in issue when out on excursions, Peters Daughter slipped in War Tunnels and banged her head and was sick and dizzy, Peter asked for Medical help and the so called nurse Mrs Scott Warren, related to Fiona Spur (Frank Walkers Wife) and Mrs Woodhouse said they could not go to Hospital as they were running late to get to next Sight Seeing attraction. I asked all these questions in 2011

    Also The Royal British Legion Jersey Branch Chaired by Bruce Willing will not Produce Accounts to the Public

    and The RAF Association Chaired by Martin Willing (The Willing Brothers) will not at all, and also many other Charities in Jersey will not let the Public see any Charity Accounts in England and across the world it is a legal right and by law is to see what percentage is going direct to the needy and what Admin Fees or Director Fees are being paid to them. I tried to speak to the Association of Jersey Charities about this but Mrs Poveiden the Chair person refused to see me. I do not know if this is connected but the Ex Senator Lakeman asked the same questions about Charity Accounts but unfortunately died a few weeks later as you know he was Sen Phil Ozoufs (Friend)!!! hope this helps will give more info if requested It seems strange that Mrs Gaiger who was the treasurer of Holiday for Heroes was giving money to her and her husbands hotel in St Ouen surely this is wrong also

    1. I think we need to meet up!!!

      Are you 'willing' to send me a "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" comment with a contact phone number for yourself?

  3. Ian

    I do not live in Jersey anymore as I was harassed by the Jersey Police etc how do I do not for publication comment and i will send you my tel number etc

    1. The same way you write a normal comment only the first three words are "NOT FOR PUBLICATION"