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Monday, 26 May 2014

"The Real Value And Beauty Of Life - Not The Nonchalant Shit That Jersey Has Contrived"

From a hole in the ground to a star attraction

They have spent more than 2,000 years underground, clumped together in a field in Grouville.

Museum conservator Neil Mahrer with the hoard of coins
But from Monday, Jersey's celebrated Celtic coin hoard will go on show for the first time as conservators begin a three-year project to unpick, clean and count the items in the historic cache.
The hoard, discovered by metal detectorists Reg Mead and Richard Miles two years ago, is the centre-piece of a new exhibition fromJersey Heritage, which examines the Island's place among the warring Celtic and Roman empires of 2,000 years ago.
It is the world's largest Celtic coin hoard and is estimated to contain some 70,000 silver alloy coins, as well as jewellery.
The exhibition at the Jersey Museum opens on Monday and also contains a range of significant objects from the Gallo-Roman world, including national treasures from France and artefacts from Guernsey.
"So What's The Big Deal?"
A pile of metal and mud! So fucking what?
Where is the value in this nonsense?
People lust after shit they are indoctrinated into believing is worth something.
Where is the worth in gold and diamonds?
The only worth it has is that which is placed in it by the deranged and delusional control freaks that run the show, and of course, the mindless fucking halfwits that believe them.
If you want true worth and value out of life, please do not look to precious metals, or paper money, or even the delusion of status and position in a culture that is false beyond recognition.
Simply, go see a child being born, breathing it's first breath OF LIFE!!!
For that moment is where the true value of life really exists....
"The teacher is only as rain to the soil. He can not grow pomegranates from mustard seed."

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