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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

"The JEP Finally Asking The Questions They Should Be - A Hundred Years Too Late"

"The Jersey Evening Post Really Are Taking The Piss"

Miss Dita Paverniece - victim of fatal car crash

So where were the JEP, the BBC, and Cover-up TV when Dita Paverniece was killed by the lunatic driving of one Niall Linden?

No cover up there was there JEP?

Niall Linden fined just £750 For the death of Dita

After decades of cover up's and shabby reporting, the JEP finally starts doing the smallest amount of research and reasoning. No doubt it's because the Committee Of Inquiry has started and they know they are in for some scathing criticism, hopefully even charged with concealment of child abuse!


  1. hope he was breathalysed

  2. If The Pitmans personal debt is judged to be "in the public interest".

    Then surely this early morning lone driver Policeman, fits this public interest, interest....

    Even more so!?