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Friday, 23 May 2014

"The Great Town Hall Cannabis Debate"

Debate over cannabis use

What's wrong with this picture?
A public debate will he held this evening (Thursday) on whether cannabis should be decriminalised. 

It’ll be held at the Town Hall at 7pm and has been organised by campaign group ‘Decriminalise it Jersey’.

They believe the class B drug should be used for medicinal purposes. They also question whether the substance is as damaging as alcohol and cigarettes.

Politicians have been invited to the meeting but will not be attending.

The group have been raising awareness for their debate on social media and have gained over 1,400 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

"So What Is Wrong With The Picture?"

It says "The war on drugs has been an UTTER FAILURE".

That is factually not correct, the war on drugs has been a huge success, at least for the government. The war on drugs is exactly the same ideology as the war on terrorism, and identical to prohibition during the early part of last century, it is all designed to control the masses, gauge how the people react, and to put in place virtually any legislation the government wants by instilling fear into the people.

My blog posting below explains matters to a small degree.

It was a rather interesting meeting tonight, and very well presented by the three speakers who I would presume, are not used to public speaking. The government officialdom who it was hoped would attend, well, you guessed it, a complete no show.

The JEP stated (in the link above) that Anne Pryke (Health Minister) had declined the offer to appear, as had Ian Le Marquand (the Home Affairs Minister) and that Swine Flu Sue Turnbull, (Medical Officer of Health) would be out of the island today.

From the information I received this evening, Anne Pryke had indeed declined the invitation. Ian Le Marquand never even gave a response to the invitation, so how the JEP can say he had declined the invitation is beyond me. There is a rather marked difference between declining an offer and ignoring an offer. Finally turning now to Dr 'Swine Flu' Sue Turnbull who the JEP stated unequivocally, "She will not be in the Island". Well, from the information received, it transpires that Dr Turnbull was actually only one street away, down at the Opera House enjoying herself instead of attending the serious medical emergency that will decide whether people live or die in the future!

It is quite clear to me that these people have no conscience or morality whatsoever, and do not care a jot for the health and welfare of islanders which they are paid so handsomely to serve. The reason I believe they never showed is because they didn't want to face any awkward and embarrassing questions that they could not have answered.

To my mind, withholding a cure from people who have elected you to serve them is nothing short of genocide....These criminals should be in prison.

On a brighter note, fair play to Montford Tadier and Nick Le Cornu who turned up as interested politicians, and apparently, so did half of the drug squad!

But what can you expect? This is "The Jersey Way".

Once again. very well done to the speakers and all those who turned up and showed an interest in a subject that will undoubtedly affect most of us in the not to distant future, good one people.

Anne Pryke

Ian Le Marquand

Dr 'swine flu' Sue Turnbull

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  1. OK, so we know that Cannabis has been scientifically proven to be safer for the individual and society than drugs like Alcohol and Cigarettes, so this isn't a public health issue anymore. I guess some of us might even assume that it's more about corporate greed, revenue from taxes and fines, and of course depriving people from their desires-so they have to seek them out by consumerism, which is an addiction that fails to satisfy the spirit. Of course i might be wrong but they may have built an industry upon it, so i wouldn't expect them to want things changed if this was the case.