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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

"The BBC Chemtrail's Wimbledon!"

"The BBC Including Chemtrails In Their

 Wimbledon Adverts"

Published on 4 Jul 2013
It is not a new thing, for MSM and other entities to subliminally normalize the abnormal practice of chemtrail spraying, but rarely has it been so completely blatant as to feature in every single shot of the sky. Note that they even feature an aircraft spraying the material into the air at 0:18 and again in slow motion at 1:04.

Other examples of the normalization agenda can be viewed at:

The BBC are clearly complicit with the 'hidden in plain sight' Chemtrail agenda. They do not cover it in their news, they speak occasionally of Geoengineering as if it is a matter that may be needed in the future, but they bombard you with their images of it constantly and especially within children's programmes and films. Question why that would be.

TV Ark is an excellent website whereby you can look at past Wimbledon opening credits from 1981 to 2010. There it is clear to see that they have decided to include subliminal Chemtrail images only this year:

You Tube Video of past opening credits from 2007:

Other subliminal Chemtrail images that have been exposed: 

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  1. Shameless chemtrail plugging on regular tv by the BBC to 'normalise it', yep.

    I have noticed i am getting more white hairs growing out of my ears. What's worrying is that i've suddenly developed a strong aversion to mint sauce, and cannot go past the condiment section in the supermarket isle. Am i becoming a sheeple? Is this chemtrail related? Can watching it on TV affect me?

    Please help. Baaaaa Cri i'm worried!

  2. Ian,
    I know I'm going to get told to eff right off, but here goes nothing.

    I wish you would stop with these chemtrail stories. I have followed your blog for about 3 years now, it's often had some great stuff in it - your political posts, your writings about vaccinations, GMO's, etc, are frequently spot-on. It was you who first introduced me to "chemtrails" - and your advice at the time was, "if you've not heard of chemtrails, then google it". That's exactly what I did, and rapidly came to the conclusion that it's nothing but a conspiracy theory. I kept an open mind for a while, asked on various pro-chemtrail forums relevant questions (such as "if the NWO or whomever are spraying these are poisoning the whole world...are they not also killing themselves and their children?") and the only replies I have ever received were either "get lost you government shill", or "the NWO spray them to make the invisible UFO's show up", or "just look up, dude, all the evidence you need is up there in the sky".

    Sorry, but chemtrails are almost certainly not real. There is a lot of evidence out there which details exactly why CONtrails disperse at different rates at different altitudes.. why there are more trails around now then 30 years ago (massive increase in high-altitude passenger aviation), why higher rates of aluminium has been found on the ground (they tested sludge, not soil, it's naturally higher) - this whole chemtrail thing is (IMHO) a con, designed to get gullible people to believe's almost like the new religion. I know you are not at all stupid, Ian, nor are you gullible, so if you were so convinced by these things then there must be some truth in I searched and I searched for real evidence, but all I could find were dodgy YouTube videos showing aeroplanes producing contrails which, the armchair aviation experts informed us, were most definitely chemtrails. Because they last too long to be regular contrails, apparently...or because they just look wrong.

    I don't expect this comment to be published, it's just some friendly advice that maybe you should reconsider whether you want this stuff on your blog...after all, people like myself - who values your respected viewpoint on such things as non-vaccination of our children - will wonder if we are doing the right thing, when your blog links scientific evidence showing vaccines are harmful, whilst at the same time linking to highly-controversial and frankly highly-dodgy "evidence" regarding chemtrails.

    Sure, the government are corrupt - sure, they lie to us and treat us like cattle, whilst taking as much of our money as they can. But really, poisoning the whole world? For what purpose, to make the atmosphere more alien-friendly for their non-terrestrial masters? To kill everyone then repopulate the world using demon children from surrogate girls who have been brainwashed by the subliminal messaging in Miley Cyrus' music? Come on... there's no reason or logic here, it doesn't add up - and the simple answer is, people often want to believe that the evil government is out to get everyone and they are the only ones who can see it - but realistically, it's just a conspiracy theory, nothing more.

    Just my ha'penny wort. I suspect you will disagree, but thanks for reading anyway and please just consider it? and thanks for the great blog.

    Best regards.

    1. Oh dear, here we go again!

      Copy and paste the following phrases exactly how they are, and put them into a search engine: (I used google, yahoo, and bing, and each search engine found different pdfs)

      "climate geoengineering" filetype:pdf

      climate geoengineering filetype:pdf

      "solar radiation management" filetype:pdf

      inject atmospheric aerosols filetype:pdf

      "aluminum oxide" climate filetype:pdf

      "aluminum oxide" particles filetype:pdf

      "mount pinatubo" climate filetype:pdf

      You can also find PowerPoint Presentations too, just change the input for the boolean operator to PPT. For example, copy and paste the following into a search engine:

      climate geoengineering filetype:ppt