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Saturday, 3 May 2014

"Sanity Running For Senator"

"Chris Magee Is The Only 'Common Sense' Candidate"


  1. people talking common sense how unusual !
    The Time is far beyond right for Party Polotics
    Bring down this corrupt Feudal Honary System
    The good guys who founded the above are now dead
    We are now left with the greedy brown noses
    Bring down the Dean he harbours thoughts of Grandeur which are not in Gods teachings
    Bring it on
    Now you will get the young interested in Polotics
    But just make sure you have the right calibre of Candidate Standing
    Good Luck
    Get those Constables out !

  2. I would make an effort to vote for Chris Magee. The man speaks common sense, and speaks the truth. The Island needs more people like him to bring it out of the dark ages and into the light.