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Friday, 2 May 2014

"Retail Giant On The Way - But It's Not Tesco!"

"It's looking Like More Franchise Bullshit From The Corporate Crooks"

Big Tesco banner on the front page of the Filthy Rag, yet Tesco is not coming to Jersey, what's that all about then? My guess is it's simply more of the same crap that we already suffer.

An interesting quote from the article reads like this...."To some extent this group is moving into that space and that will bring welcome competition".

"To some extent"?

How much of an extent? knocking 1p off one single product can be classed as "an extent" in statutory law, and holy shit, they have fulfilled their corporate obligation of promise!

"Welcome competition"?

Since when has a large corporation ever welcomed any kind of competition?

And what guarantee's do we have that this alleged money saving corporate entity is going to supply Jersey with GMO FREE foodstuffs? Will they promise clear GMO FREE labelling on all of their products? Of course they won't. Don't believe me? Just write to them and ask :)

Read between the lines people, your going to get stiffed again!

But they can't pull the wool over my eyes, I'm unpullwoolable!


  1. I keep on reading this stuff Ian, but what is the answer-i ask?

    How do i stop going 'Baaaa', and turn from sheeple fo man? What do i need to do to stop getting all excited about the latest news from the 'filthy rag'? Why can't i see Tesco as being 'more of the same consumer junk just a repackage name'?

    ....And on the fifth day, God said 'let there be UK Supermarkets bringing in their welcome business unto Jersey' ;-)

  2. Tesco cares, they say so.

  3. Horse burgers mmm