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Monday, 19 May 2014

"More Nonsense From The Cancer Cash Cow"

Charity boosted by no make-up selfie

The millions that were raised by the 'no make up selfie' trend have had an impact on the Jersey branch of Cancer research UK.

The charity that helps fund research into finding a cure for cancer and has been counting up how much money islanders have raised over the past twelve months.

£150,000 was raised through events such as the annual Run for Life challenge along the avenue and back.

The Cancer research charity shop in St Helier also raked in £25,000 and a special ball brought in £40,000.

But the no-make up selfie trend also made a contribution.

Robert Christensen from the Jersey branch of Cancer Research said: "Because that occurred at the same time as our 'What a Difference a Day makes' campaign, we encouraged people to donate to that campaign and not through the general Facebook donation but the no-make-up-selfie was a great success."

Many Jersey residents who receive cancer treatment have to travel to Southampton for their appointments to which Robert added: "I think that's why we've had that generosity from the people of Jersey, why they've given so generously over the years. They know that only though research will we improve the treatments and the preventional cancer measures."

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