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Friday, 30 May 2014

"Lunatic Google, Psychopathic Globalists And Deranged Lawyers Try To Usher In Control Technology"

Guernsey could trial driverless cars

Rob Moore reports.

Efforts are under way to make Guernsey one of the first places in the world to introduce driverless cars.

Google has been developing and testing the technology and put the vehicles on show earlier this week.

A group of island business people and legal experts say they have held talks with the internet giant to see if the vehicles could work in Guernsey.

At the same time, that group is also drafting driverless car legislation, in attempt to change the way local laws are created in the future.

They are working on a new system of legislating, called 'crowd law' which could allow anyone in the community to develop or contribute to new legislation, speeding up the process of introducing new laws.

Financier Martyn Dorey is part of the group working on 'crowd law' and says: "It would need to work in conjunction with the States and their law officers, but hopes it will mean 'people come together as a community, they develop the law and then it goes to the members of the States of Deliberation to vote on, we've got the whole thing working in parallel, we've got no bottlenecks. If you've got a particular law you want to work on, you work on it, you get together with a group of people over a couple of pints or maybe you work online."

But with driverless car legislation acting as the initial law to show 'crowd law' can work, it has raised questions as to whether Guernsey is ready for automated vehicles.

Karl Marshall, President of the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club says: "The island's road lay-out, with narrow lanes and filters, could prove difficult for the technology to deal with, and he says."


  1. It's ok, in Guernsey they need driverless cars cos none of them can drive :)

  2. They won't even let Google publish the Streetview photos they took around that backwards isle, what chance have they got of doing anything in that dump?