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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

"Le Gresley Gives Free Money And Labour To The Well Off"

New hope for jobless young people

More public money into private pockets!

A new scheme to help young people find work in Jersey has been announced.

Bosses who give permanent jobs to local 16- to 24-year-olds who have been looking for work for six months or more will receive £6,500 to cover pay for the first six months. Government has made £650,000 available - enough to get a hundred long-term jobless young people into employment.

Social Security Minister Senator Francis Le Gresley says young people are often untapped talent who are keen to work and just need a chance.

"Many have been through training courses and work experience programmes and are eager to work to their full potential yet employers will often choose someone with more experience. I hope that this Incentive will help give young people that first step into sustainable employment," said Le Gresley.

Under the Youth Incentive scheme announced today (Wednesday), employers will receive:

£6,500 per new employee to cover six months' salary at 35 hours a week, plus the Social Security contributions.

Support from Back to Work in finding eligible candidates.

Six months' in-work support from a Back to Work mentor. 


  1. its all bollox. murry and mash will jump to it

  2. we will be paid in cryptocurrencie soon

  3. There are some excellent keen youngsters that will obviously still need a lot of training.

    There will also be a lot like the teenager who worked as a trainee carpenter, who when asked to sweep up at the end of the shift told his mentor I am here to learn a trade not be a cleaner. His attitude was so snobby the tradesmen refused to teach or work with him.

    The problem is with all the red tape how to you get rid of someone who is useless and not get dragged in front of JACS who have never run a business on a shoestring but expect everyone to be treated like civil servants. I know of two businesses that could of expanded but the grief of employing people became so onerous as not to bother.

    I had one of them.

    Decent days pay for a decent days work. For many it's the work thats the problem.

  4. So they are paying employers to take the jobless off the statistics just before the run up to elections.

  5. You'll like this, if you haven't seen it already! Legal Notice to put on your windscreen to keep the officials away

    1. Yup, have a few of them but never bothered putting them up as our robot traffic wardens simply do as they are told by the authorities. They are all criminals and fraudsters.