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Friday, 16 May 2014

"Jersey Start Shredding Before Implementation Of F.O.I. Law"

"The Shredders Will Be Running Night And Day!"


  1. Again Mike Higgins has the guts to ask the question, if only he were chief minister.
    Stuart Syvret has said and written many times that Jersey is a corrupt island.

    One question. Why would States departments be shredding if they have nothing to hide. Anything out of date should just be archived, why is Gorst allowing this ?

  2. This is staggering stuff. If piles of information cannot be easily accessed because it has been badly filed, then it should be properly filed, and the negligence not be used as an excuse to throw it away.

    I have operated FOI in the Irish Department (Ministry) of Finance between 1998, when it was introduced, and 2006, when I retired, and I think, on the whole, it was a success.

    All existing records relating to any query had to be listed and any refusal to release any of them had to be justified.

    I took the view that every thing went out unless there were clear reasons for withholding something, and then that was subject to appeal to the Information Commissioner, who, as it happened, also took their job seriously.

    Shredding stuff was never an option, and if it's going on in the Jersey administration at the moment it is another (unfortunately unprovable) indictment of crowd running the place.