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Friday, 9 May 2014

"Jersey Liberation Day"

"Very Few People Understand That We Have Been Liberated From Absolutely Nothing! Humanity Is More Enslaved Now Than It Has Ever Been In History"

What was the price of Jersey's alleged liberation?

Was it a promise to launder money around the world for eternity on behalf of the globalists?

Where does one start?

Perhaps the truth might be a good place!

"The Universe contains a certain pebble known as the Earth, and many are the men who have formed attachments to it".

The power struggle for dominance over mankind is as old as the race of man itself, whether it be one brute bashing another brute's skull out of primitive passion, or the sophisticated lunacy of psychopaths such as Obama and his masters, the battle has always been with us.

In modern times, the church and the bankers had laid the foundations for the wretched existence we live today, the Church claiming via Papal Bull (Unam Sanctam) that they own every man's soul. The Bankster's then stepping in to regulate and commercialise every aspect of trade.

The beginning of the 20th Century brought us the real slave master of history, the federal reserve, which in turn brought us the League of Nations, the first real modern day attempt at the New World Order (NWO) and one world governance. The 1st world war was just a money making scam by the globalists, and as for Spanish Flu, go Google it....

The Great Depression was nothing of the sort for those in power, it was contrived to bring the populace of America to their knee's....A kind of social experiment in control if you will, and a very successful one it was.

Enter the globalist animal

Control on this magnitude was pure delight to the elite, they saw their opportunity through the rise of Hitler....The globalists (funding both sides) set about putting into motion the beginning of the 2nd world war. After defeat, and making the globalist scum and the war machine a fortune, old Adolf (grey wolf)  was whisked off out of Germany with the help of the Vatican and the American's to Argentina. There, he lived out his days in luxury until 1962 along with many many of his co-conspirators and henchmen.

How many of the worlds war heroes and heroines would have signed up to defend their country knowing this small fact?

Please, Please, Please, see the link below to find out about Hitler's well documented move to Argentina.

Now what are we left with, and why?

After two horrific world wars we are left with the same problem we always had, a bunch of sick depraved fucking psychopathic lunatics intent on stealing our wealth and controlling us.

Have we learned any lessons from our dreadful human suffering?

We find out below.

We have learned absolutely nothing, and why? Because we have neither the courage, the heart, nor the inclination to do anything about anything, we are (for the most part) a mindless brainwashed flock of sheep. The proverbial church goers if you will.

A number of people have commented in the past that they are offended by me using the term "sheeple" and I can understand that. But what no one ever asks me is 'who am I referring to' when I use the term "sheeple"?

I am referring to the ones who have already been made aware of the dire situation we are faced with, those who have some small understanding of the shit we are in, and yet stand idly by and do nothing.

Indeed, doing nothing would be most advantageous if those that do nothing actually 'did nothing' come election time. We are in a world of shit because we vote! The very people who are causing this probable extinction event on our little pebble we call Earth, are the very people 'you' vote for.

Over the decades we have given them unimaginable power over us instead of reigning them in when they overstepped the authority that we granted them, now we are paying. The politician took us over, and now the corporations have taken the politicians over, exactly as it was planned.

I am going to end with a rather rare outburst from Stefan Molyneux, sometimes cursing and swearing gives passion and commitment to the cause when taken in the right context.

I wonder what Mezec will make of molyneux's video below?


Our job is to get rid of the parasites that profess they have the right to rule us, those pigs called lawyers that write their own private rules in their own private language (legalese) which rules are only actually applicable to themselves, members of their Society, and employees of government. The sock puppet psychopathic politicians that attempt to stand as front men for this deranged cabal, we should simply piss our pants laughing at!

We need no one to rule over us, all we need is the responsibility and compassion to our fellow man that the Common Law affords and teaches us ;)


Below is a very fond memory from Armistice Day in 1986 that I have never forgotten, and a fitting tribute to the brave souls of many wars who were duped by the corrupt bankers, lying politicians, and the most repulsive of self proclaimed rulers, into giving their lives and limbs for the dream of freedom that was sold to them by the lying scum that is the NWO....



  1. You are so correct. When will everyone see it? Everyone needs to do the opposite of what is required then that will achieve results. Turn the screws and the right way or you mess up the head of the screw!

  2. Excellent points, Ian.

    I've been doing some reading here hoping that it would help keep the white fluff at bay, so that i could happily walk down my local supermarket and not be afraid of the mint sauce aisle ;-)

    Baaaa, whatever!

    Funny how today we are so technological compared to before, yet still locked into the same old negative patterns of living. As long as they remain in power, it won't change, since society is their masterpiece to trap us all ;-(

    1. Anon, the symbol at the end of your comment tell's me that your vision is impaired because you obviously have something in your eye distracting your vision. Surprisingly, judging by the straight line that follows, no one has broke your nose yet? Finally, it appears that you cannot transform thought of doom and gloom into something more positive....Try this :-)

    2. When your sight is unhindered, and you look 'straight' down and past the end of your nose, then enlightenment will visit you and you will end up smiling!!! :-)

  3. we are being run by a bunch of cowards who steal of the poor .no liberation there

    1. There is liberation in every bad deed, all that is required is for man to set sail on a course that avoids the rocks!