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Friday, 23 May 2014

"Jersey Denying Cancer Sufferers The Right To Cure Themselves!"

"At Best It's Corporate Manslaughter, At Worst It's Genocide"

It is quite apparent that no one in Big Pharma business or World Government wants a cure for cancer or many other degenerative diseases, not even the United Nations as Rick Simpson reveals in the short clip below.

It is now time to simply

I am appealing for anyone in Jersey who has been sent home to die of cancer to contact me with a mind to getting well again. I have equipment here in Jersey that has cured thousands of people of all types of diseases and ailments including Cancer and AIDS.

I do not charge anyone for the use of this equipment but simply request that my small expenses are covered, donations are of course very much welcomed.

If you wish to use this equipment please leave a "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" comment at the bottom of this posting with a telephone number on which you can be contacted.

Call to 'Decriminalise Cannabis' in Jersey

Chris Magee, Campaigner.

Supporters and critics turned out to hear the arguments for legalising cannabis at a debate in Jersey. 

Campaign group 'Decriminalise It Jersey' say the drug is necessary for medicinal use and it is time for the government to reconsider its class B status.

They also question whether the substance is as damaging as alcohol and cigarettes.

The audience heard from people who have used it to ease medical symptoms and those who want to see the substance properly regulated.

"We can no longer continue with a policy which is economically unsustainable, scientifically inaccurate, and morally abhorrent. The policy in question is cannabis prohibition."

Chris Magee

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