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Thursday, 1 May 2014

"Enemy Of The People Trashes Reform Debate And Simon Crowcroft Bottles It"

Bailhache 'wrecks' reform attempt

One of Jersey’s most senior political figures was turned on by his closest allies yesterday after allegedly ‘wrecking’ another attempt to reform the States.
Senator Philip Bailhache faced criticism from a number of his peers.
Former Bailiff and now Senator Sir Philip Bailhache faced harsh criticism from many of his peers after successfully amending a proposition which called for the Bailiff to be removed as President of the House.
The move would have forced a referendum on the issue if the main proposition had been passed.
But many Members who would have voted in favour of replacing the Bailiff with an elected Speaker later voted against the proposition because they did not want another referendum to take place. And even Senator Bailhache’s close political ally, Senator Philip Ozouf, pulled no punches in his criticism, accusing his colleague of ‘wrecking’ what should have been an opportunity to reform the system.
In the end, even the proposer, St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft, could not support his own proposition because of the addition of the referendum, which following the adoption of another amendment would have been binding. Instead, he abstained from the vote. He has now vowed to keep the pressure on the Island’s next government to remove the Bailiff as the President of the States Assembly.

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