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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

"Access To Justice? - YOU WHAT!!!"

"Flying Pigs & Unicorns"

"The Legal System Is A Franchise Run Solely On Fraud"

The Law Society and their servants never cease to amaze me when churning out this type of dross in their vain attempts to portray to the people that justice actually exists on this island. Who has ever had any justice on this island?


Anyone at all?

Readers might like to bear in mind that a lawyers first duty is "to the Court" and not to the client. Now if that doesn't make you feel a little uneasy then you probably deserve to be represented by a lawyer. I estimate that 99% of lawyers are nothing more than thieves and cheats who use their private club member status to swindle and cheat the people whist committing crime after crime themselves.

One case I dealt with found a man charged £6,000 by the lawyers firm for a charge of breach of the peace, a charge which warranted nothing more than a £100 fine tops, even if he was found guilty. This same man asked his lawyer if a conviction for breach of the peace would restrict his right to travel? After a few days the law firm got back to him saying that it did not restrict his right to travel yet they charged him over a £120 for their time and research in answering this question. The man asked me the exact same question and I responded immediately by saying "no" you have an inalienable right to travel. Are they telling me the lawyer didn't know he had an inalienable right to travel?

This is the level of theft that these parasites will stoop to when confronted with a victim who is none to bright or who does not understand the game being played.

Ann King says;

This statement is absolute nonsense as the court system was never designed to be on our side but put in place to steal from the people. Unless a common law offence has been committed, these courts are not actually courts but simply administrative tribunals dealing with banking and merchant disputes, once the balance is settled the case is closed.

Ask any Magistrate who is dealing with statutory offences, whether or not they are operating under their Oath of Office at that time, they won't even answer your question. That small fact alone should indicate to you that they are committing fraud and treason against the people.

It is also worth noting that anyone complaining against a magistrate, judge, law officer or a lawyer has absolutely no recourse through the complaints process, a fact that I have proved on this blog time and time again. They will simply cover up for their own club members and the good reputation of Jersey.

The worst examples are complaint against lawyers made to the Law Society wherein the Law Society strings the complaint out for years, finds in favour of the lawyer, then refuses to provide the complainant with the evidence they used to dismiss the complaint against the lawyer!

Complaints against judges and magistrates are simply ignored.

The Greffe of the Royal Court and Magistrates Court actually doctor peoples trial recordings to hide the criminality of judges, prosecutors, and perjurious police officers, so don't delude yourselves by thinking that justice is coming your way any time soon!

The link below will take you to my submission to the Justice Select Committee on good governance in Jersey which was actually published by England the day after I published it on my blog, strange hey.

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