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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"Well, Bugger My Ring-piece, The Mezecian One Wants Rump Ranger's Afforded God's Law!"

"Doughnut Punching Is Hip In Jersey!"

Even Chinocchio is against legitimizing marmite mining!

Good one Mezec!!!

Such pretty locks and effeminate principles!
And this party politics imbecile is going to lead Jersey into the light?

I would rather take my chances with the Dean of Jersey and his flock of sheeple thank you.

No offence H.G!!!


  1. Gawd, let thy haveth their chocolated donuts bashed for they are of the same flesh and blood of us all. Let them haveth their own joys in life if it do not harmeth any one else. Who are thee to judge and preventeth them from thy own adult personal pleasures of sausage jockeydom and then say tis thee wordeth of thy holy God? I nevereth read it in thy holee bible.

    1. Actually, that was fucking hilarious, it's over a day later and I'm still PMSL ;)

      I would love to know who posted the first comment, Awsummo!!!