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Monday, 7 April 2014

"Time For Serious Discussion On Drugs"

"Teenagers Are Dropping Like Flies"

Is there anyone in government in Jersey with the brains and the inclination to get this God damned mess sorted out?

AND....It's not just a drugs issue as most people may think, social engineering is at the heart of it. Young people being left on the scrap heap after leaving school, no prospects, no dreams of living life, poverty and desperation is all most of them have to look forward to.

Corporate greed and the N.W.O. taking over everything and leaving the poor to foot the bill that the elites have run up. Cannabis/Hemp Oil being a prime example of how the people suffer for the riches of the globalists. As cannabis costs pennies, there is no use for it in modern medicine so Big pharma is happy to poison people with chemo and radiation at tens of thousands of pounds when ingesting bloody plant oil will get the job done on most ailments.

As we know, in the history of the world there has never been one single recorded death from cannabis use, only the death of those dealing it. If Jared Harrison had the 'legal' right to smoke a leaf, he and many others would still be with us today.

However, if your hoping for political enlightenment on the cannabis issue from any of the States servants that YOU employ, think again as they are all in somebody else's pocket....

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