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Saturday, 26 April 2014

"The Poor Are Just Where The Corporations Want Them"

Families trapped in hand-out Jersey

So how do we fix this? Well first we need to get peoples rent down from the ridiculous amount that Jersey's greedy disgusting money grabbing parasitic scum have valued their shitty sub-standard grubby little hovels at.

So, we now have to find a number of politicians who are willing to ask questions and propose new laws to limit the greedy pigs charging what they want!!!

Hahaha, that's the end of that plan then....


  1. Funny how certain people get the high paid jobs. Funny how the rents are allowed to be high. Funny how either you're earning good, or sod all. Funny how help comes from income support, but getting it is subject to so much complications.Mmmm. Who said life was gonna be anything but a trap of misery for us 'regular people'?

    1. Indeed anon, it is the rent that enslaves the poor in Jersey with no one willing to do anything about it as most of those in power are already buying and renting out property so the poor end up buying their houses and flats for them. Rent should be taken into account when peoples tax bills come along as rent equates to the vast majority of most peoples earnings that is simply stolen from them by unscrupulous landlords. Between £200 and £300 a week for a flat is nothing short of theft, and yet the pigs at the trough will never do anything about it as they want everyone poor and reliant on State handouts. They have now decimated the poor to the point of starvation, the NWO are now ramping up the pressure to strip the middle class of everything, just as they have done with the poor. What makes me laugh though is that the poor and starving still keep paying the oligarchy, tax, social security, parking fines, etc, etc....

      How many of you have read the Income Tax ACT? If you have not read the income tax ACT, then how do you know you are even eligible/liable to pay income tax?

      Do your homework, read these documents!

  2. " most of those in power are already buying and renting out property so the poor end up buying their houses and flats for them."

    Ha! Funny you should say that as i once rented from a certain Lady Politician. Yes, i guess the rich have the money to enable them ease of making even more!

    So, if they really care about us, why don't they don't simply change the law about rents and the minimum wage, so that people can work and earn better, and therefore easily afford to pay for their cost of living- without the need for handouts? This would empower the people, and everyone would be happier . Why aren't they doing this, and leaving the regular people poor and needy?